Im a "Left Behind" Refugee

hello everybody I am a newly registered refugee of the Left behind message board…I just wanted to say hi and ask what the basic jist of this message board is? Do we have all different religions (or lack there of) represented on this board? I just got really tired of the fanatical fundamental christians on that board…plus the administrators werent the most understanding people :::COUGH COUGH!! GESTAPO!!:::: ANYWAY THATS MY STORY…

your arms are too short to box with God

Inspecta…welcome! Your diagnosis is more or less right…what we have here is a group of people most of whom got here through reading the column “The Straight Dope” by Cecil Adams, in which that brilliant man undertakes to find the answer to any question, no matter how strange it may be. You’ll find a link to The Straight Dope Home Page at the bottom of the screen (scroll down) – it’s well worth the read.

Most of the regular posters (1) have a great deal of respect for fact, (2) a dislike for unsupported opinions posted as “fact” (though most of us have strong opinions on things, (3) a sense of respect for each other, for example that we can disagree without being hostile, (4) a widespread collection of beliefs or lack thereof. Probably 40% of the board is atheist, on a guess; we have a variety of Christian denominations, a number of practicing Jews, a covey of Wiccans and other pagans, at least a couple of Buddhists, a Unitarian, etc. By common consent, discussion of religion is limited to the Great Debates board (though questions about fact related to religion can go elsewhere).

Almost anything is fair game to discuss, though it may get moved to “the proper forum” (as I expect this thread will be, since neither you or I have said anything worth arguing about).

Welcome aboard inspecta. I’m new to both boards as it is. Would you be in the mood to tell what exactly it was that the COUGH!COUGH!S.S.! has done. I could use some juicy internet gossip.

Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right

Wait a minute, no Rastafarians? What about Zoroastrians? Is there Hindu in the house? What we need is a minority religion outreach program. I mean how complete can our theological discussions be without a couple of Voodoo animists, or an Obeah Man? Don’t we have any genuine idolators?
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not to mention that there seems to be an increasing number of lawyers and paralegals - all part of the strategy of making every question into a legal one, I guess.

and the stars o’erhead were dancing heel to toe


There is only one question you need to answer before you post freely on the SDMB.

Would you toke if it were legal?

Just so ya know, in case you see my name pop up as you read through this board-- I am NOT a Rastafarian.

You may continue now.

Yes I would toke if it were legal…if that answers your question…There is really no gossip to tell about the LBMB except the moderators are scared shitless most of the time of anybody with independent thought. Or anybody that disagrees with the doctrine that Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim Lahayne has…its a pretty counterproductive enviroment although i still post there from time to time ( i guess im a glutton for punishment) In all honesty there are a few really great people on the MB. I just wanted to get into a new kinda forum where I can learn about different things and get opinions from other people besides right-wing christians. So I look foward to some great debates with you fine people…

your arms are too short to box with God

As an invisable poster, notice my post count, may I say welcome to the board! We have a very diverse group of people and opinions. You will enjoy your stay here.

And Poly calls it!

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inspecta, I’m moving this thread to the MPSIMS forum, since it isn’t a Great Debate.
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I’m a moderator, inspecta, but you don’t have to give any more weight to anything I say than you would to anybody else, unless I’m in official moderator mode (like above). Just follow our One Commandment: “Don’t be a jerk”, and I won’t ever have to get all official on you. :slight_smile: