Left Behind

Can something be done about the authorized religious spamming on the Great Debates board? It turns out that the moderator of the religious Left Behind board was upset that some of the Dopers dared to participate in their discussions without whole-heartedly agreeing with every premise presented. He, and members of his board, are flooding the Great Debates section with multiple threads on the same subject, and ignore all attempts to converse on the said topics.

But there’s an upside. Because of a flurry of responses, I’m gonna reach 1,000 posts before the New Year.

I’m off to MPSIMS! Whee!


The alien commander has issued orders to retreat and the smoke is clearing from the field. A half-dozen or so threads still have some momentum, but I think they’re being fed by SDMBers. A short raid; amusing in the end.

BTW, ALL Straight Dopers, even those among us that are true believers, have been banned from the LeftBehind board, and all records of our existance have been destroyed. They have declared victory over us evil satanists.
Note to the LBB-enjoy the Kool-Aid.

How do they know whether or not a newbie is a StraightDoper? Do they have a list of the members here that they check before allowing anyone new to sign on? What if you use a different e-mail address? Do they have a secret StraightDoper detector device?

Carpe diem - Seize the day
Carpe noctem - Seize the night
Carpe cerevisi - Seize the beer

Even better-they are not letting anybody sign up! Or, as one of them so aptly said,“They think that we are all a bunch of idoits!”

Oh, I see - they are so concerned about saving everyone’s souls that they deny them access to their board, and refuse to answer their questions or discuss their beliefs with them.

I guess they don’t really want any new ‘believers’ - someone must be on a power kick. Kool-Aid next, I guess.

Carpe diem - Seize the day
Carpe noctem - Seize the night
Carpe cerevisi - Seize the beer

Well, they can’t be wrong ALL the time . . . .


I think blame for the recent “attack” goes to a few of our regular SDMBers. If you don’t want the dogs to bark, don’t tease them in their own backyard.

Just FTR, my LBMB ID is still functional. I think its because I got bored and wandered off after three or four posts.

I dunno if “blame” is the right word to put to this, but I do think there’s no doubt some of our Teeming Millions have violated our own cardinal rule: they were jerks.

On someone else’s message board, too.

The explanation that was brought to me was “they don’t play fair over there.” Not much justification to me, but I also got promises that this would not happen again.

As we would prefer to be treated, that’s how we should treat others, no matter how pinheaded we think other people might be. The Golden Rule is not a bad way to live sometimes.

your humble TubaDiva
Just my personal opinion.

There appears to be a lone grenadier over in GD right now, but he’s not drawing much return fire (for the moment, anyway).

Once again I have questions about things that everyone seems to know: 1. What and where is the Left Behind Message Board located? Why would anybody be kicked off? and Who does this? I’ll be asking more as things come up but please answer these for now.

Are you kidding?

Well, go to Great Debates and look at the thread that starts something like: “For David B…and others…interested in…” And I don’t even drink. You see it. The first post has several links.