Any practical tips/advice for shaving my head(razor) for the first time?

I have pretty thick hair and have a good pair of clippers, I was thinking using a mach 3, I am totally clueless to how the process works though. Any suggestions?

having shaved my head several times, I MUCH prefer the Mach 3 over any other safety razor.

How I do it:

  1. use clippers (actually, I use a beard trimmer w/out the guard) to get hair down to stubble.

  2. I use Gillette’s green gel shaving cream (the one w/aloe in it), and lather my head up. I go over my head once “with the grain”.

  3. I put on a new blade, re-lather, then go over my head again, this time “against the grain”.

  4. I rub some moisturizing conditioner into my scalp, and make sure it’s real soft and slick, then I run my fingers all over. Wherever I fell some stubble I missed, I shave it (no shaving cream).

  5. After the ol’ dome is completely smooth w/out any rough spots, I put on conditioner one more time.

some hints:

on the back of your head, go up-and down or down-and-up. When you do be VERY careful not to move your head to either side. If you have to go side-to-side on the back of your head, be very careful. The best thing is if you have an SO that you trust do the back for you.

If you want the shiny top, check out beauty supply stores and look for “bald buff” or something similar - it’s a wax you put on your scalp to buff it out and make it shine.


I’ve been doing the chrome dome thing for about 3-4 years now. The 2 big questions are these: 1. Will you be shaving your head once in a while, or all the time? 2. If you do it all the time, will you do it every day or every 2 or 3 days?

If it’s a one time thing or an every-single-day thing, then critter’s advice (and more you will get from others) is fine.

Trouble is, shaving your head every day is a bitch. That’s why I do it every 2 or 3 days. If that’s how often you want to do it too, I suggest a different routine. Buy an electric shaver – not just a beard trimmer – to do the heavy lifting of cutting your 3-day stubble, then finish the job with a razor and lather in the shower.

Yeah I think it will only be a one time thing, unless I really like it. I heard from someone that you should put baby powder on your head after the first time, as your head gets very irritated. Should I rinse my head through hot water to get it softer? Also I have professional clippers (oster 76) I shaved it with the shortest blade possible, do you think using the beard trimmer is still neccessary before the razor?

Absolutely true. And, if you do have a heavy beard, as I do, you’ll find that you HAVE to shave every day, because you’ll get a 5 o’clock shadow on your dome, too. Some of us look actually bald when we do that, and some of us (sigh) look like we just shaved our heads. It’s fun and comfortable in the summer, but for year round thrills, get a girl.

No, the hair trimmer is fine - I just use a beard trimmer 'cause it’s the only electrical trimming appliance I own :), and I never usually let it grow out longer than a 1/2" or so…


If this is your first shave, wear a hat if you go outside. At least use good sunscreen. Your scalp isn’t used to exposure to sun, so it will burn easily. It happened to me the first time I shaved my head. Sunburned scalps are extremely uncomfortable.