Any Random Actor + Wirework = Action Hero!

Is anybody else bothered by the current Hollywood trend that you can take any actor or actress, dangle them around on wires and give them a few shots with a stunt double, and suddenly they’re supposed to be an action hero?

This is something that has annoyed me in several movies lately (ahem Charlie’s Angels ahem), but it really bothered me in Kill Bill. In a movie as great as Kill Bill almost was, having the action sequences leave you unsatisfied really throws off the movie experience when really, the movie was quite good in spite of the deficiencies.

One specific example from Kill Bill:

When Uma Thurman’s character is battling her way through Lucy Lieu’s henchmen, and she runs up a railing to the 2nd story. A few seconds later she’s standing on the second story balcony railing, when she jumps off, bounces off the wall, and lands back on the railing.

I don’t know if that action was performed by Uma herself or a stunt double, but it looked awful. A good stunt woman should be making the wires work for her, not look like she’s being dragged around by the wires like some stupid marionnette.

I was very disappointed by the final “climactic” duel of the movie. I know that not every sword duel can be as fantastic as Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang going at it in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but at least make an effort! I kept waiting for the action to heat up but instead it was just a lot of posing, followed by a brief sequence of a maximum of three moves, followed by more posing, followed by a maximum of three moves, etc. etc. If your actress can’t handle a fight sequence where more than 3 simple moves are choreographed per shot, then IMHO, she’s not cut out to be an action heroine.

C’mon, Hollywood – if you’re going to give us an action movie, cast some action stars who can deliver the goods!

There is good wire work out there that doesn’t LOOK like wire work. It may be no more difficult than the mess of “dragged around by the wires like some stupid marionnette” sequences I’ve seen.

Hey, Big Shot Movie Director: EVERY single time someone changes direction in midair, your audience no longer believes that your characters are actual people.
Sure, we’ll suspend our disbelief as long as we can, but when you yank us OUT of the movie with an obvious “special” effect, it’ll take a long time for us to get back in.

There are several shots on the staircase where it’s obviously a stunt double and not Thurman (the hair is carefully draped to obscure the face). Though no doubt someone will point out that this is an homage to cheesy 70s movies. :slight_smile:

:: peeps out of bomb shelter ::

Is this when I can reveal that I didn’t think much of the wire-fu in CTHD? Watching people pinwheel their legs around in midair like Luigi from Super Mario Bros 2 was comical, but I never really accepted the “these are ultra mega masters of special mystic arts” reason for their super powers.

Take a bow Wumpus.

I thought the wonky wire work in Kill Bill was supposed to look like that. I laughed when I saw it, and I think Tarantino intended it to be that way. Yuen Wo Ping knows what he’s doing.

Next people will be complaining about how the music abruptly cuts off in that one scene (when she’s looking for the Pussy Wagon and then opens the door).