Any realistic PC driving games that simulate driving in London.

Just curious.

Wouldn’t that cause stress?

I guessed that one of the Forza games might have it and I ran across this:

Why the hell is London not in Forza 4?

My favorite response was, “Because it would be a game about being stuck in traffic and congestion charges.”

London Taxi License is a simple free option (only requires Unity Player being installed) that almost certainly falls short of what you have in mind, but it is fun speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. It’s realistic, just limited.

There’s some UK stuff in there it appears, which is Okay, but I’m looking at more like a driving simulator experience, not a racing game.

The closest I can think of is Euro Truck Simulator 2 but that just includes the motorways around London, not the city centre. Still, a good way to see what it’s like driving a right hand drive vehicle on the left side of the road. I think Steam has a free demo version.

Racing is not required after the intro; one can just drive around if they so desire.

Yeah the biggest appeal of the Forza Horizon games (from what I can tell) is that you can just freely drive around and enjoy it. Like a virtual country trip.

London was excluded because it’s apparently terrible for that sort of thing. It’s too much of a pain in the rear to get around.

You’d have to use an emulator but the PS2 game “The Getaway” had an incredibly accurate map of London for the time. Plus there was free roam mode where you could drive along to your hearts content (and there’s even basic traffic laws so you have to stop at all stop lights or else the police chase you)