Any simple clever costume ideas? (TAKE 2)

So All Hallow’s Eve is upon us again and as usual I haven’t done any costume shopping yet for this Sat night. I asked you guys for ideas awhile ago and you came through for me.

So, got any more?

I have been e-mailing a friend all day about this, helping her come up with ideas. Seeing as you’re a guy, these ideas might be extra funny.

Playboy Bunny
Retired Playboy Bunny in a housecoat and curlers. (And fuzzy slippers?)
Barefoot and pregnant

Taken from last night’s episode of Modern Family : get one of those baby slings you wear on your front side, put a sack of sugar in it. Bingo : you’re a Sugar Daddy!

I saw one online a couple of weeks ago: wear jeans, an orange puffy vest, and carry a skateboard: Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

My blond-haired 19 year-old nephew Halloween masquerade-partied as a Mormon missionary. Black slacks, white shirt with black tie, and a bicycle helmet.

Get in a square card board box painted like a rubix cube

I’ve got a sonic screwdriver toy. I have clothing. Look, I’m a female incarnation of the Doctor!

Cheap black T-shirt, glue some mini liquor bottles to the chest. You’re a “titty bar”!

Tie-dyed shirt, camo pants…you’re War & Peace.

I was trying to figure out what to do with an unwanted devil wig and happened upon a bunch of costume ideas from Goodwill. Some from that page:

Blue jump suit/body suit.
White paint.
Spray bottle with water.

Paint white clouds on blue jump suit/body suit.
Spray water (on mist setting) into the air around fellow partiers.

Pronounce loudly that you are…
Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Partly cloudy with a chance of rain!

Love it, it’s simple and clever.

Thanks guys.

I plan on just getting a bucket with some playground sand in it and putting a bottle of malt liquor in the bucket and going as hurricane sandy.

Buy the Adventure Time: Jake vs. Me-Mow DVD set. Get the Finn hat. Put on a light blue shirt, some dark blue shorts, roll your white tube socks down to your ankles and put on your black shoes. You’ll have to do without the backpack for now.

Presto, Finn the Human!

Yeah, we’re doing Adventure Time this year, but just the kids. Alex is going to be Finn and Teagan is going to be Marceline. No more time for anything else as Kelliebeans and I are out of time after making Finn’s backpack, a pair of red boot covers, and Marceline’s axe bass.

I did a quick and easy Charlie Brown-as-ghost costume a couple of years ago that went over well. I didn’t want to mess around with a whole sheet, so I just bought the cheapest white pillowcase I could find at WalMart, cut eye holes and a bunch of other holes it, and wore it as a kind of ghost mask. (You need multiple holes, both to look authentically like Charlie Brown and to NOT look like you’re wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.) I wore a yellow shirt and carried a paper bag with a rock in it to complete the look.

Get some hairspray and spray your hair so it sticks straight out to the side. You’re a hurricane survivor.

Get some gray felt and cut out sunglasses shapes and glue or pin all over a t-shirt.

You’re 50 Shades of Gray.

It’s too late for the OP, but in case anyone needs ideas for Wednesday…Get white paper plates, styrofoam cups, white post-its…anything white…staple/tape it to your clothing.

You are now White Trash.

A friend did this on the WAY to a Halloween party in college; just collected his costume off the ground as he walked to the party, lol. It worked great!

We went to a party this past weekend and we were a hit - dress all in black and tape glow sticks to your clothes in the shape of a stick figure. (we used clear hockey tape) We did a triangle “skirt” for me. Looks awesome in the dark. Connect 3 glow sticks and clip to your head for the circle head of the stick figure. :slight_smile:

My neighbor came to my Halloween party dressed like this one year. He announced, “I’m your white trash neighbor!”