A Bit Early for Halloween...

A friend sent me an evite to a Halloween party already. The theme is pop music, so the costumes can be any song character (think Jeremiah the Bullfrog), artist, band name etc. I’ve come up with a few easy/obvious ones so far: a deaf leopard, a blind melon, Lola (from Copa Cabana), Courtney Love etc. but I know there are some great ones out there. Whaddya got?

How about a meter maid, (name tag Rita)

Alright, this one would be tough, but…

Make some kind of costume that resembles a road, and attach to it all sorts of things that one might normally encounter/expereince in a dream, but make them broken. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Raspberry Beret
Incense & Peppermint
Paint your thumb red white and blue like that Don McLean Album cover.
And please don’t hit me, but you could wear a short skirt and a loooong jacket.
Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini?

Blacked eyed peas
Radiohead (my favorite)
if you want to make an enterance may I suggest Bare Naked Ladies
They are big in Canada I dont know about other countries
This is fun I’ll have to think of more

oops when I wrote that I haddnt checked where you were from I suppose you know about Bare Naked Ladies


eyeing all the little girls with bad intent…

Ha! I actually thought about this one too. Not gonna do it though.

I’m still undecided on the costume. Hmm…Devil With a Blue Dress on? That’s somewhat clever.

I think my husband is going to go with the leopard with hearing aids = Def Leppard.

OK, I’ll bite. What’s this about?
You could go as a walrus - koo-koo-ka-joo!

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Red Hot Chili Pepper



Queen of Hearts


Get devil outfit and carry some bells: “Hell’s Bells”.

Get a guy to go with you, wear a big magnet and give him a sheet of steel: “Magnet and Steel”.

Go as a tube of lipstick: “Maybeline”.

Go as a nun: “Sister Christian”

It’s a song by Cake

I was going to say the Kink’s Lola, but I guess that would be one for your husband.

Dress up as a burrito and put on some fairy wings and a pimp chain. Flying Burrito Brother.

-Sgt Pepper

-Billy Shears

-Scantily Clad Bride White Wedding

-School marm scantilly clad Hot For Teacher

-Mozart Rock Me Adadeus

-Werewolf Werewolves of London

-Any member of Spinal Tap

Wear a wetsuit with a breathing apparatus: “Aqualung”.

An easy, if boring, one: just wear high-heeled shoes and a low-necked sweater. (Get back, Loretta!)

That’s Loretta’s mom, you know.


Diaper and running shoes…born to run.

Just wear a tight schoolgirl uniform and go as every chick in every Aerosmith video.