Any sites with a CD program similar to

I got an email today informing me that, where I have an artist account, has been sold to, and will undergo major changes very soon. There was absolutely no information about what the new CNET music thingy will be. So.

One of the things I rather liked about was their CD program, where you uploaded your songs and artwork, tell them a track listing and how much you want it to cost, and they would make CDs for you on an as-ordered basis. Yeah, they kept a good chunk of the cost, but they would make the CDs, the covers, get 'em all shrink-wrapped and nice and send them out to people without you ever having to go near a CD burner. It was nice because it meant anyone could buy the CD, and I didn’t have to worry about burning, printing, packaging, shipping, etc., plus they made the CDs as they were ordered so there was no exorbitant minimum number of CDs you had to get. It was just so nice.

And now it’s gone (or will be by Monday) and I have no idea if CNET will continue it. With my luck, probably not. If I had the money, I’d stock up a little and order a bunch of my own CDs from them (you get a discount) but I’m so freaking poor. I just ordered five, promised to girls on my floor, but now… I’m probably never gonna be able to get them again. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of any other sites that have a program similar to this? Creates, sells, and ships 'em for you on an as-ordered basis, lets you customize the artwork, and actually lets you keep a chunk of the money? (And maybe that would actually pay you on a regular basis no matter how much you’ve earned, unlike who holds your money hostage until you get at least $50, and now since they’re going under, I will never see the $2.50 from the one CD I sold [I would love to know who bought it…])

Check out Cafe Press. They’ll also do clothes, stickers, and other merchandise.

Check out

They have a CD program that kicks’s AND cafepress out of the water. Full control over artwork, CD art, design, ect. They even have barcodes if you need them. Shrink wrapped with spine labels.

The DO NOT have a “popular” charting system. It’s all random which is generated everynight. They also have new music and alphabetical charts.

They stream live radio shows about 12 hours right now. The DJ’s are artists at All the music on the shows are artists.

They allow free html areas for your artist page, so you can design most of it how you want. They also don’t have banners on the artists pages, which is kind of nice.

Check my sig for my two pages there.

They are a good company and have been around for years. I’ve never had a problem with them.

I’m glad to see that there are some other sites out there similar to I’ve found a lot of really great music on that site over the years (even had some of my crappy “music” there. :)).

Hey Seven, glad to see you on the SDMB. I guess I never noticed your sig before. Been wondering for a long time if you were the same guy from and the electronic message boards (are those still around?). I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of years (I used to be openroad on…not that anyone would remember).

Nice tunes Antares. I like your voice. Good stuff.

Nurobath: Yup. It’s me. :wink: boards are long dead (they still are there, but they are worthless). There is still Musika, although it has taken a new form this last week as . We took several smaller electronic forums and merged them into one. Kind of cool.