Any Situation You Might Use Chick Tracts?

Are there any situation you might use Chick Tracts in? RULE: It must be to support the argument of whatever Chick is saying not to mock him, disprove him, etc.

Excluding the ironic, no. Absolutely not. Under any circumstances.

Food (I have mild pica)
Paper Airplanes
Emergency Kleenex
Building material for origami
Doodle material
Counterprank on Halloween
‘Tip’ for obnoxious waiters (kidding, kidding!)
Impromptu finger puppet
Cardboard tube sword
Gift (when I want to be uninvited from the next exchange)
Educational purposes (how not to debate, etc.)
Material for the mugger’s wallet
Prop to remove Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons, etc.

None of those involving me disrespecting Chick’s beliefs. Not even the last one, since I’d be pretending to take his side in an attempt to sound devoted enough to discourage repeat visit. Now, I would be mocking his skills as a debater, which suck. I would be mocking his skills as a cartoonist, which suck worse. But that’s an entirely different issue, no different than using an SAT Study Guide for the same purposes.

I was thinking if I ever had an outhouse again. I don’t know if that proves or disproves his arguments. :slight_smile:

I play a game where I collect them, but it only counts when I get them from a real evangelist. Does that count?

Does “Who will will be eaten first?” count?

This would assume that Chick is right about something. I have never seen ANY evidence that he’s right about anything.

So, what tracts did you have in mind that actually show that Chick is right about something?

I might use the tracts as kindling. I wouldn’t use them as toilet paper…they’re not good enough to touch my asshole, they’re not soft and absorbent, and they’re already full of shit. I’d be afraid that my asshole would be shittier, not cleaner, after attempting to use a tract as toilet paper.

None. At all. I find them overly simplistic to the point of being insulting. If you’re going to try and convince me of something or try to convert me to your religion, treat me like an adult, please.


Would you use them?

I’m a devout Christian and I see absolutley no uses for those pieces of trash either, aside from mockery and the stuff Lynn Bodoni and pedescribe mention.

Even my wife’s ultra-religious friend who is intent on converting everyone within a 50 foot radius of her I wouldn’t even recommend those tracts to, as I know she’ll use them against my fellow human beings.

And what is your response to this question?

I used to do that, too! But not so much anymore - they used to make me laugh, or occasionally piss me off, but now I just find them kind of sad.

Wobbly table.

Chick tracts support Jack Chick’s arguments by their very nature, that’s what they’re for.

I mean, they don’t support them very well, but why would anyone use a Chick track to support a Jack Chick argument? If you were trying to support one of his arguments, you’d be better served using something he didn’t write or have any involvement in writing, an outside source.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean.

What is YOUR opinion on this?

I wouldn’t use a Chick tract to “support the argument of whatever Chick is saying”, because to the best of my knowledge he’s never presented an argument I would support.

Even if I agreed with Jack Chick about something, I still wouldn’t use his tracts. They’re stupid. I’d be better off making the case on my own, without referring to his tracts.

For instance I assume many of you guys are annoyed by Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormon missionaries knocking at your doorstep. Jack Chick’s tracts and comic books do point out some correct facts about them like for instance the Jehovah’s Witnesses did make a bunch of wrong predictions that weren’t true or that Joseph Smith had a very jihadist mentality.

As for my response I would say that probably not until Jack Chick becomes less anti-Catholic and more “mainstream”.

origami, maybe? if I were going to spray paint it later.

And the few times that Chick does manage to stumble upon an actual fact, he usually surrounds it with “information” that is incorrect, misleading, or flat out lies and delivers the whole package in an absolutely awful wrapping.

I suppose I’d use them in a toilet-paper shortage . . . but I’d feel even dirtier than before.

In otherwords, never. Chick’s ignorance and outright misinformation on Catholicisim are absolutely appallling.

There’s a different Lovecraftian Chick Tract ( Lovechickian? ) here I also found amusing.