Any statistics available on how many people get married every year during natural disasters? (Spoilers for Disney's Encanto listed)

This question popped into my head when I was listening to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s Encanto for the 150th time. Bruno, a man with the gift of prophecy, made a comment to his sister Pepa (whose moods control the weather) on her wedding day that it “looks like rain”, and the idea “floods her brain” on a cloudless day, causing her to create a hurricane during the wedding ceremony.

This caused me to think: How many people per year get married during natural disasters like hurricanes, tornado warnings, floods, and blizzards? Are statistics available for such things? Or, if a hurricane is predicted to take place on someone’s wedding day, do they just move it back? Can that happen on short notice?

Natural disasters during wedding ceremonies are rare enough to be newsworthy, not just in the local section.

Yes, if there’s a hurricane, any outdoor wedding will be cancelled, suspended, or moved inside. In rain they might go for tents and umbrellas, but you can’t stay outside during a hurricane because it is unsafe.

In the case of any predicted natural disaster, there is always the possibility of the venue cancelling on you due to safety concerns. If it’s a major hurricane there’s usually a couple days notice. At least in Florida, most venues have a hurricane/cancellation policy for events (something you should be aware of if planning a wedding during hurricane season). The city may cut utilities in advance of a major storm, there could be a mandatory evacuation order, and in the immediate leadup flights will be cancelled by the airlines thus depriving many out-of-towners their transportation to the event.


Wow, when this thread wasn’t answered for almost three weeks, I was afraid I’d asked a very stupid question, even by my usual standards. This was well worth waiting for, all these stories! Thank you.