Any structural engineers out there?

My question involves a certain structure built in Homestead, Florida known as the Coral Castle. I won’t go into any details about it since you’re on the internet and can go over to to read about it for yourself.

I have talked with several engineers about this and they are baffled as to how it could have been constructed without large equipment and teams of men. Both of which are absent from any documented history of the structure.

This seems like a silly question but I ask it with the utmost sincerity and seriousness.

Based on what is known, how was this structure built?

There is another site about Coral Castle at:

As for how it was built, as the above link states the builder was very secretive and never let anyone see what he was doing. However, one person can move large weights using levers and pulleys/block and tackles which is how I would guess he did it.

Remember the quote (I think it was Aristotle?) “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world?” When challenged over the statement, he single-handedly raised a ship out of the water using a block and tackle system.

It looks difficult, but from an engineering viewpoint there is nothing unexplainable about the building of the structure.

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