Any suggestions for replacing a single DVD from a set?

One of the discs from my copy of BAND OF BROTHERS has become warped and unplayable. (It didn’t come that way- it happened in my possession.) I hate to repurchase the entire series when only 1 of the 6 discs has a problem. for only one disc and it’s not available for download from I-Tunes. Does anybody know of any websites where you can buy a single replacement disc for a series?

I’m doubting it, but one never knows-

It’s a longshot but Blockbuster sells used older DVD’s. And they often break up multi-disk sets like this into single disks for individual sale. It’s an annoyance when you’re looking to buy the set (as most people are) but I suppose you could get lucky and find a store that was selling the disk you want.

That said, unless they have some kind of search service (which I dodn’t think they do) it would be a long search for a store that happened to have the specific disk you’re looking for.

It’s a long shot, perhaps, but you might try contacting HBO’s DVD division.

I’ve gotten single discs off of sets through E-bay before…

Blockbuster had a used DVD sale a few months ago near me @ $5 per disc, I found half of Band of Brothers, but didn’t get the whole set.

I’d call the nearest video store and ask when they’d be selling next.

How about Netflix? “**Questions? 1-866-923-0890 **24 hours a day”. Worth joining for their trial period or longer for this, if they can sell you a single disc. I’ve bought a number of used DVDs from them.

Also, eBay doesn’t have any single discs available now, but you can save a search and get emailed if it comes up. Here’s a seller that specializes in single discs of sets: . Ask them if they can get it for you.

Netflix stopped selling used DVDs last year.

I recommend contacting the studio to see if they’ll replace it for you.

Although… if I rented it from them and then happened to lose it (nudge nudge wink wink) I wonder how much they would charge me… that could work perfectly.

If you’re going that route, why not return the warped one? While they may charge you for messing up their disc, they may also just consider it the cost of doing business.

I know that Sampiro was kidding, but just in case anyone gets any ideas, all of the DVDs I’ve gotten from Netflix recently have been labeled, so I think they’d know if you tried to swap out a disc.

I did that. One of my Simpsons DVDs had a hard time playing (the menu would come up, but some of the episodes would just skip and freeze), so I rented the disc from Netflix and returned my messed up original and kept theirs. They didn’t seem to notice, and they get so many discs returned damaged that I doubt they blinked an eye at it.

Going Netflix and sending them my warped one would strike me as stealing (YMMV), but if I rent from them and then don’t return it that’s just paying a price they set for their merchandise, so I may do that. (Last time I had to buy a DVD I lost from them it was around $18 IIRC.) I figure if anybody knows how to replace a missing disc from a series Netflix does; my guess would be they’ll probably burn a copy and print a label themselves with full permission from the copyright holder.

I work at the 'Buster, and I’ll tell you right now that if someone came into my store with that problem, I’d have no problem telling them the cost of the disc if they were to ‘lose’ it. It’s usually the price we would sell it at used, unless for some reason it was super hard to get a hold of, then it’d be the new price.

As an interesting side note, none of my store’s discs are marked in any particular way, so we’d have no chance of noticing a returned disc isn’t the one we rented. We’d just chuck it into the defect drawer and wait till the company gets around to telling us to send them in.