Any threads here for Plinkers (folks who target shoot) small caliber arms?

I’m asking about recreational shooting only( at an indoor range) and most certainly NOT trying to open a can of worms regarding rights and or freedoms.

I plink. Hubs competes. He probably has better answers to technical questions you have, but I also enjoy the hobby.

Because I’m just a plinker, we bought a range pass that gave Hubs unlimited range time and I can go in 4 times a month.

Ya wanna complain with me about the cost of .22 rounds nowadays? I can remember when I could get a brick for 5 bucks and change. Last time we restocked it was almost 20 each.

Thanks for the quick reply. I was gifted a Ruger new model single six .22 serial number prefix 63. From what I can gather it was made in 1975. I guess its a Super six as it has adjustable sights. so I’ve now purchased one year of range time cause my local shop will not sell ammo without range time purchase and yes $29 for 50 rounds of .22 wmr is just nuts. I keep finding deals online and even with shipping charges the total cost is a few bucks less.

I only got the .22 Mag cylinder with it and not sure if it was a convertible to start with. the numbers on the frame and cylinder do match.

This is a great little pistol and being out of work not only because of Covid-19 but also a diagnosis of Cancer, I’m finding much needed time to get out, be safe and have some fun.

We like Rugers. They are well made, sturdy, reliable guns. Plus, they were made locally and I personally knew employees over the years. To a person, the employees were proud of their products and thought their employer was awesome.

Shooting ranges are a great place to hang out in the times of COVID. The AC system is designed to deliver air from behind the shooters, blowing all of the gunpowder and crap down range. They already deliver social separation with the shooting booths.

We order almost all of our ammo online. Hubs is fond of using this search engine to find ammo deals.

I’m sorry about your cancer and hope that you will be in full remission quickly. If your mobility becomes compromised, don’t be embarrassed to ask for accommodations. Indoor ranges have had them since long before they were required, the employees usually love showing them off.

is there anything people plink with other than 22 (except maybe pellet guns)? Especially now when ammo prices for self defense rounds are through the roof.

I’ve been noticing 50 round bricks of 22 LR for $4 around me, so I’ve been picking up a few.

All my shooting has been at an outdoor range though.

Bless your heart, Wesley. Thanks for chiming in.

Only .45ACP these days, so I was really just slumming :wink:

But read this and my heart sank.

All the best to you. Hard to imagine anybody alive … over maybe 30 … hasn’t had it hit somebody close to them.

Wishing you well …

Thanks DavidNRockies. I’m under the care of the folks at Moffitt Cancer Center. I’ve got a clean windshield and a full tank heading out on this journey.

I just wanna know where ammo can be had for 0.08 cents per round as suggested above!

About half of my firearms are 22s. Both pistols and rifles. I was in the habit of picking up bricks of ammo, 10 boxes of 50 each, when ever I saw them stacked on the counter at Walmart or wherever I was. So I’m OK on ammo, but try not to waste it.

My club has many outdoor ranges and without additional certification members can only shoot 22 out to 100Y. With certification, written and shooting test, 300Y or more is possible. We’ve almost completed a “field range” with steel targets out to 285Y. This is down in a wooded area and is where we ho;d out NRL22 matches.

22 rimfires are a lot of fun at a still somewhat reasonable cost.

I have a Ruger Mark III target pistol in .22 that is fun to shoot. A bugger to take apart for cleaning, I think it was designed by lawyers. I understand that Ruger has fixed that issue with the Mark IV.

My new fun target gun is the Ruger 57. Has a green fiber optic front sight that makes the target easy to acquire. 5.7 X 28mm is a bottle necked very high powered small bullet. Shoots very fast and accurate for a long distance, for a pistol that is. But the ammo is expensive, like almost a dollar a round, so I don’t plink much with it unless I’m in the mood to spend $100 or more.

I did competitive smallbore rifle shooting years ago. I had an Anschutz 1813, and competed on a variety of ranges, usually at 20 and 50 meters. I did pretty well; so well, that a farmer friend used to get me to sight-in his varmint rifle. He hated admitting that I was a better shot than he was, but I was.

Interesting the discussion about ammo prices. At a time when an ordinary, everyday, box of 50 rounds of .22LR cost maybe $1, I was spending about $4 for the same for practice (Eley Club, as I recall), and $5 or $6 for competition (Eley Match).

Shooting was fun. I wouldn’t mind getting back into it.

I shot .22s all my life. Now I have a Benjamin Marauder air rifle in .22

We live remote, but there are enough hikers and stuff around I don’t want to disturb them with noise. The rifle is amazingly accurate. Dime groups or better at 75 yards. Note this is not set up with iron sights. Scope only. And you need a special compressor to get it up to 3000 psi. I really, really like the gun.

I plink with airguns, as well. Both spring-powered and PCP. I like the ancient springers AND iron sights way more than the scoped PCPs, but I know I’m in a minority here.

I fill my PCPs with a special hand pump that puts 200+ bars of pressure into the guns’ tanks. Way cheaper than compressors, way more independent than scuba tanks, and way more exercise from shooting than any other type :smiley:

Pellet gun means low power to many people, but that is a outdated view. There are airguns readily available that put out more than 500 ft.lbs. of KE, enough to bag big game.

One of the great things about airguns is the low cost of ammo. Depending on caliber, make and quality, I can have upwards of 500 pellets for around 10 euros, and the pellets have no expiration dates.

Nonsense. It’s easy! Just pull out the lever doohickey with your fingernail and rotate the hooky-thingy up to the side, and then try to pull it out, then try some more, then give up and give it to that guy at the range that cleans anything for 5 bucks.

At least that’s what I do.

How does the 57 compare to the FN FiveSeven, if you’ve shot that one? I am idly interested in picking up a 57 if it’s close in quality. It certainly is less expensive.

I think the Mark 3 is close in fieldstripping procedure to the Mark I that I have. I used either this page or a related one when trying to take apart mine. It helped out a great deal and while it will never be as easy as a Glock to take apart, I’m not intimidated by doing it anymore.

OP, I remember your thread here on acquiring the revolver. Congratulations on getting it. Yes, the range is likely the most expensive place to purchase ammo, and consequently I rarely do, unless I’m shooting one of their rental guns. I’ve seen some .22 about at Academy, which I think has branches in Florida.

Alternatively, I am a fan of SGAmmo. .22 LR page here. I like Wolf Target .22LR, which is actually decent stuff, despite the Wolf brand name. It is indifferent about cycling my pistol, despite the accuracy. Which is annoying. Not a problem for your revolver though. .22 WMR page here. Excellent service and pricing, IME.

Best wishes and prayers that you overcome your illnesses, OP.

I have thousands and thousands of rounds, because I spent 2008-2016ish watching my supply dwindle and never being able to find any. Now it seems manufacturers are making up for it as it’s still sold, but most everything else is gone.

All I have is a 10/22. People love them, but I think I’d rather get something else now.

I’d say any cheapish rimfire is a plinker, though .22 or .177 air rifle is usually implied.

I’ve heard of people plinking with cheap surplus ammo and rifles: 7.62x39 SKS, M193 ARs, etc. About the most fun in that regard, personally, is .30 Carbine out of the M1. Light, little recoil, noisier and more oomph! than .22s.

Been awhile, obviously. @Spoons’s post brought back memories. 4-position with an old Win 52, in my case. Eley Tenex, once we got to a point where it would make a difference. I can’t fit into my shooting jacket anymore. (Sad face.)

I guess steel cased stuff could count (or is that thunking?)

M1 Carbine is fun, not nearly as cheap. Though the sticker shock isn’t as bad as they’re sold as pistol rounds, 50/box instead of 20.

10/22s are fine rifles. Lots of aftermarket parts by TandemKross and others. Neither of mine have too many original parts left.

A step up for not too much money would be the Ruger Precision Rim Fire. It’s a bolt action and uses the 10/22 magazines which is nice as you’ve already got those for your 10/22. Has a hand guard so easy to add bi-pod etc.

I shoot a lot of .22 rimfire and also a lot of airguns. My most recent air rifle was a Diana/RWS Model 54. I also have a RWS/ Diana Model 460. I have an obsession with shooting up tin cans and the 54 and 460 ventilate them quite nicely. I have two shooting ranges on my property, one is for firearms and one is for airguns and sub-sonic rimfire. The latter is closer to the neighbor’s house, the former more back in the brush so, the sound is more attenuated, but the light is not as good.