Any Truth to Hollow Earth Theory?



The Earth is packed full of solid stuff. Most of it is socks.

And underpants. Don’t forget the underpants.

I always forget the underpants.

I’ve been told it’s my fatal flaw.

Except for the cosmic pendulum tube running from the North Pole to the South Pole, it’s solid, baby.

No. The Earth is hollow and we live on the inside. Know the stars? Cities on the other side of the sphereoid. The sun is a giant UFO that passes around the inside, and the sky is its cloaking field. The illusion of a convex Earth can be attributed to this field.

Oh, and we never made it to the Moon. We were simply walking around on the outside. That is, until Jesus got his shotgun and told us to get off his dirt farm.

Come one people. This is funny and all but look at the post count. When a newbie comes in and asks a question couldn’t we try for at least one sensible answer before we get to the ‘1920s style death ray’ posts?

Which “Hollow Earth” theory are you referring to? How hollow do you mean?

Is there a big empty at the earth’s center vs. are there thousands of miles of caverns, rivers, lakes and huge hollow chambers beneath the earth’s surface?

Hopefully you are referring to the latter example with a scientific approach and not some idea of a secret subterranean civilization living beneath the surface.

Humorous answers to a blatantly obvious question is my motto.

OK, I’ll be serious: The Earth is solid. It is full of molten rock, mostly, with a core of extremely hot iron at pressures so intense it’s a solid, even though on the surface it would doubtless be in gaseous form. The idea of a hollow Earth is so amazingly stupid it’s difficult to imagine anyone holding it in modern times, although certain members of the Nazi party appeared to.

Obvious to you and me. To many people on this planet I am sure that it’s not so obvious. Fighting ignorance and all that.

Well how’s about you follow your own advice, Blake, and maybe attempt an answer? :slight_smile:

You mean because the gnomes have been stealing them and putting them down there?

For some reason, it was a rather popular theory during the 19th century, but then again, so for theosphy. Poe used it in a couple of his stories

For some reason, it was a rather popular theory during the 19th century, but then again, so for theosphy. Poe used it in a couple of his stories, but I don’t know if he believed in it.

If nothing else, all seismic studies support a solid earth hypothesis. Seismics work on the basis of shock waves travelling a different speeds through different densities of materials, there are recording stations all around the world picking up on earthquake actvity.

If there were even any significant open spaces, let alone a hollow earth, down there then we would know about it.

By solid, do not assume solid rock as in unbending - think more in terms of plastic rock, bending and flowing under extremes of temperature and pressure.

Of course we could all be being “whooshed” here…

I prefer to leave answers to those who know more of what the are talking about. While I know that the Earthis hollow and genal structure of crust, matle core etc I don’t know details and I don’t know exactly how we determined these things.

IOW I could answer with “No” but very little else.

Of course it’s hollow, every body with a hollow head KNOWS the earth is a hollow shell of its’ former self.

“Beware of the Cog”

2 Timothy 2:23 But foolish and unlearned questions avoid…

“Beware of the Cog”

Damn, I Knew it!

The Earth can’t be hollow, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to bury our dead. They’d just float on down to China.

Seriously, everything I’ve read has had something in the center there.

Yes, as a matter of fact there is.

If you take a theory simlair to Cyrus Teed’s hollow Earth theory, described here along with other hollow Earth theories , modify it and use a certain geometry you could come up with exactly the same results as the standard model of the universe.