Any TSA restrictions to the UK?

I’m flying to London from LA tomorrow and as I’m getting packed I realized that I have no idea if the massive restrictions on carry ons to the UK are still in effect. This site makes it look like not much can be taken (about 2/3rds of the way down), TSA is pretty vague, and these guys make it seem like anything that you can normally carry on is good to go to the UK.

Anyone with better search-fu able to find anything concrete? Or any first-hand knowledge? (I’m really hoping that all the chaos over there in the last couple of days doesn’t implement crazy new restrictions)

The Department for Transport website gives the latest info.

Just don’t say you’re a Doctor from the Lebanon come to work for the NHS . . .

I flew last week, before the latest attack on Glasgow airport, and it was one piece of hand luggage flying out of a UK airport, plus the bollocks about no liquids greater than 100 mL through security. Once you’re through security you’re OK though, as you can get what you want in the airport shops past this point. As I say, this was before the latest developments.

The queue at Gatwick airport to get through security was unreal - the longest line of people I recall seeing, snaking around the entire terminal. It moved quickly, and still took 1.5 hours! So Lord knows what it would be like now.