Any twins here?

Just checking, because the only-child thread seemed popular. I’m a twin (identical, I think…). Other multiple births? Those of you who are, does the fascination which single-birth people often have with multiples eventually drive oyu up the wall? What drives you nuts? How many times are they going to ask me if I have a psychic connection with my twin? Does anyone here actually HAVE a psychic connection? Do you people who tell you, “Oh, you’re so lucky you have (a twin, trips, etc.); I’ve always wanted to…” make you cringe?

Oh, and have any identicals here noticed whether or not your fingerprints are similar? I don’t think I’ve ever checked.

I’m not a twin, but I do have a set of twin uncles. They do claim to have a weird psychic kind of thing going on, like the occasional knowing when the other is hurt or in trouble. One of these uncles is now the proud father of a set of triplets (thanks to fertility drugs, not heredity). He says he knows what to expect out of these kids. He and his twin brother were, shall we say, precocious young boys. I’m sure that’s why they ended up becoming lawyers. :slight_smile:

Both of my paternal grandparents are twins, I always thought that was pretty cool. I’ve heard that twins skip generations, but so far us grandkids have yet to deliver.

I’m a gemini, does that count? :slight_smile:

At 43, my twin brother (fraternal) still makes sure people know he is 7 minutes older.

Also, it’s usually a bad sign if you forget your twin’s birthday.

Oh, you’re so lucky to have a twin. Do the two of you have a psychic connection?


I had a “sometimes evil twin” not so long ago :slight_smile:

omniscientnot, in a previous incarnation.
The hyphen says it all…

I am a twin (can you tell by my username?) I have an identical twin brother.

<Those of you who are, does the fascination which single-birth people often have with multiples eventually drive you up the wall?>

Don’t get me started. Wait. Too late! You’ve got me started! Dangerously long rant below! Warning! Do not read while operating heavy machinery!

We get asked stupid questions ALL THE TIME! Here is a sample:

“Are you twins?”
This one is generally forgiveable, unless it’s followed by the mindless questions detailed below.

“Are you brothers?”
DUH! I don’t know how many people have followed up the are you twins questions with this. Sheer stupidity.

“Which one is oldest?”
Asked often, not too annoying.

“Do you all fight a lot?”
I always want to say “None of your business.” Then again, I want to say that to a lot of these questions.

“Which one is smarter?”
“Which one is the nice one?”
“Which one is the mean one?”
First of all, does the person who is asking the question really care? What difference does it make? Secondly, why do people assume that there is a “mean” one? Too much TV I guess.

“Did you ever play tricks in school?”
“I bet you drove your teachers crazy.”
“Did you ever switch on your girlfriends?”
No, no, and NO! I’m sorry if my twin experiences don’t live up to "The Parent Trap "and “Sister, Sister”.

“Can you read each others minds?”
“Can you feel each other’s pain?”
Yes to both. Right now, I know just what my brother is thinking when you asked this question (“This guy’s an idiot!”) and we are both in pain standing here having to answer them.

“I wish I had a twin”
“I think it would be neat to have a twin”
I really don’t mind these too much (unless the person goes on and on and on). I really do like being a twin. It’s a very special relationship.

“I would hate to have a twin”
Why? I guess I don’t understand this one. It almost sounds like an insult. “I’m glad I’m not you!” Then again, I’m biased.

And my all time favorite question I have ever been asked, quoting word for word…

“Has a freaky chick ever wanted to get it on with both of you at the same time?”

That’s just a sample. I’m sure there are more.

BTW, this is my first post. Be gentle!

Oh, oh! How about: “Are you twins?” and minutes later, “When’s your birthday? When’s hers?” Or “You’re 27? How old’s your twin?”
I agree that it’s a special relationship, but not being treated like an individual get really tiresome. Someone calls you by your twin’s name, and you say, “oh, no, I’m ______” and they just say, “yeah, ok, whatever, anyway…” And whatever dumb thing they do in public reflects on you. “Remember when you walked into that post and…” “That was ____, not me.” “Yeah, whatever. It was funny-- you’re such a dork.”
Sorry I’m spouting like this, but younger twins, rejoice: The Yoruba (a group that live in Nigeria) have a very high twinning rate as twins are considered lucky and powerful so everyone wants to marry one, and it’s something of a genetic thing. They consider the first born twin to be the younger one, sort of cannon fodder or a scout, sent out by the older and more powerful twin to check out the scene. Yoruba have a very complicated and interesting twin mythology set up. Fun.

Careful, guys.

I hear Cecil and Ed are looking for subjects on whom to experiment.


I might be a twin. My dad has a picture of me when I was two. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My brother-in-law & sister-in-law just had their twin sons delivered last Friday. They now have 4 kids under the age of 4. Buy Advil stock today! :slight_smile:

In HS, I became friends with a girl in my trig class, “K”, who was an identical twin. I also casually met “L”, her sister. “K” & “L” were a year ahead of me, so after that year I didn’t see them much, and then they graduated. Then in college, “K” and I became friends again. After about a month, I noticed a metalic pendant on her neck: the letter “L”! I had become friends with “K”'s sister, not “K”! I then realized that we had just recognized each other from HS, and that I hadn’t addressed her by name.

<<Oh, oh! How about: “Are you twins?” and minutes later, “When’s your birthday? When’s hers?” Or “You’re 27? How old’s your twin?”>>

How could I have forgotten these? I must have suppressed them from my memory. They always try to validate their stupidity by saying, “You know, some twins are born on different days, even different years!” because of the whole December 31st, January 1st thing. Yes, some twins are. But MOST aren’t. Here are some more classics:

“How can I tell you apart?”
I usually point out a distinguishing feature on my face that my brother doesn’t have. Then whenever those people come up to me, they spend a good 5-10 seconds staring at my face looking for it to see if I’m me, then half the time call me the wrong name anyway. If you really want to know how to tell us apart, make an attempt to get to know us. If you got to know me or my brother, you could tell us apart.

“Did your parents ever mix you up? How do you know you are who you are? They might have mixed you up.”
Not bloody likely. Mom kept bracelets on us for about the first week to make sure, but after that, she could tell us apart no problem.

“If you married identical twins, would your children look alike?”
I really don’t know how to answer this one.

<<I agree that it’s a special relationship, but not being treated like an individual get really tiresome.>>

Amen. This is a definite drawback.

BTW, I forgot to mention in the previous post that my brother’s and my fingerprints look very similar, but not identical.

You learn something new everyday. Today I learned the way I am quoting the previous post doesn’t work like I thought it did.

For clarification, the top part of the previous message is referring to the questions M.K. mentioned after my first post. The end of the previous message deals with M.K.'s mention of not being treated like an individual.