Any Wannabe Cartoonists Looking For A Job?

I happened to be on the Mad Magazine website last night (don’t ask, I just happened to be there, OK?).

At any rate, they are currently openly advertising for a new, regular-feature cartoonist position!

I wish I could draw, as the job description is great - you pretty much have free reign to do what you want!

At any rate, if anyone gets the job, thanks to reading this tip, I want an autographed copy of your first published cartoon!

Hey DMark, thanks for the tip! Though I can’t access there website. it keeps telling me I need to install Flash 6 (which I already have). Netscape communicator wouldn’t work either. When I use that, it tells me I need the newest browser (which I have, short of upgrading to OS X)

Wish I could get there to find out more info :mad:

Maybe I’ll try from home, later.

I tried to explain how the Universe begins and ends with Cartooning. They weren’t biting. I left in a huff, after quietly swiping a few back-issues from the 1960’s… :stuck_out_tongue: