Any way to disable the relocating video in browsers (Chrome)?

This CNN site has a video that autoplays and then relocates to a floating placeholder when the page is scrolled down. I haven’t been able to find an extension that disables this feature, because I don’t know the “proper” term for this annoyance.

Your link does not go to CNN.

Settings-> Privacy-> Content Settings…-> Plugins-> “Let me choose when to run plugin content”

This will require you to right-click and choose “Run this plugin content” any time you want to play a video you encounter.

Note the floating video window may continue to appear on certain sites, but it won’t be playing video.

Nuts, didn’t copy.

This site.

Will that setting change prevent just the relocating videos, or all videos?

It will affect all videos. It may cause video performance issues and other odd behaviors with some sites. It’s not a perfect solution, but the issues it causes are less annoying than auto-playing, user-following videos, IMO.

As far as I can tell dedicated video sites e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are unaffected.

I appreciate that **Knowed Out ** posted this. The idea that these sites believe that their videos are so important that you couldn’t possibly want to scroll past them, then move them to the lower right hand corner and start playing them is asinine. I’ll try the tip from DCnDC for a while and see how i like it. Thanks.


Still can’t find what the proper term is. Closest I’ve found is “video pinning,” but that applies to its use in a specific app. I’ve got an extension that stops video auto-play, but it doesn’t work for this. Guess I’ll have to pick a browser and email somebody.