Any way to fix speaker output on computer sub?

I have a set of Logitech z-560s I bought March for my computer, and up until a few weeks back they worked perfectly.

Not the left front output on the sub is broken (it has a system by which the connector goes from the computer to the little breakout control panel thingy which then has another wire which goes to the sub, which then goes to all of the speakers individualy)

I have trouble shooted it down to the plug on the sub (well it may be futher down the line then that, but I have no way to verify that. ) I have tested the speaker and the cord, but work if plugged into other outlets and other speakers and cords that work in other outlets do not work in the Front Left outlet.

My question is if there is any way for me to fix it myself? The Sub has hex head screws on the back of it (Hah!) but I am wondering if it is User Servicable at all.

The warrenty from where I bought it (online) is 30 days, and Logitech is rather, err, heh. Well their warrenty policy varies by product age and they are not to outgoing with it. :frowning:

BTW: The originaly speaker cord that WAS plugged into that particular outlet was indeed dead, so I replaced that, but aside from that one strip of wire everything else has been confirmed to be OK.

The system uses contact springy wire things, heh. Whatever you call those, not stereo plugs but rather the ones where you use the clips to connect them.

Radio Shack has replacement speaker jacks and panels. Open the sub and make sure you get audio output in the internal wire leading to to the jack before you buy any jacks.

FWIW I rather doubt it’s the spring loaded speaker jack as they are fairly simple mechanically and rarely fail or “short”. It’s probably -

1: A broken connection wire leading to the jack in which case you can simply re-solder it to the jack

2: A shorted component in which case you’re screwed. See if there is an inline fuse anywhere on the wire or internal circuit board.

Assuming the dual stereo input plugs in the 560Z shown in the manual (online pdf) are feeding both L+R and F+R audio signals to the patch panel, before opening the sub you might also want to check the external wiring by reversing the dual input plugs feeding the patch panel leading to sub to make sure that the signal is not dying before it even gets to the sub. If this is the case opening up the sub would be pointless.