Any way to keep a cat off a couch?

I have a cat who, while wonderful, is getting pretty up there in years (19). She has taken to pooping in various random places and I am not sure why (guessing senility…she has been to the vet many times and no overt issues). I put a shower curtain liner on my bed when I leave to protect the bed cover and no she has chosen the couch to deposit her presents.

Note that she never pees anywhere but the litterbox and she will poop in there too but not always.

Anyway, I would like to protect the couch if possible and was wondering if there was anything that could be done to discourage her from hopping up there to do her business? I know she may well choose the floor or a chair or something else but one thing at a time I guess. I really do not want to have to drape everything in shower curtains everytime I leave (although she will actually poop right in front of me on the couch as well). That would be a hassle and more than a little weird looking when bringing guests back.

Any ideas?

We had a problem with our dogs getting on our bed and digging while we where gone.

Tearing up pillows and such. You would not believe how many feathers are in a king sized pillow.

Try ‘Scat Mat’

It’s just like getting a static electricity shock. Works very well for our dogs, and they make them specifically for cats.

I dunno if you want to be giving an incontinent 19-year-old cat a static electricity shock.

As ghastly as the thought is, you may have to consider some form of plastic slipcovering for the time kitty will still be with you.

The only way I know of to keep a cat off of furniture is to get rid of said furniture. You might ask your vet if he/she recommends anything, or does your vet even know of the new problem? Sometimes what looks like a behavioral problem is really medical.

This struck me as extremely funny, but a wise statement nonethless.

You can get cheap plastic covers at u-haul, or other moving supply places, that might work as a way to keep the couch safe during the day. I think the heavy, permanent plastic slipcovers are long gone from the market, at least I couldn’t find any online…

Oh . . . you thought I meant to cover the couch in plstic slipcovers . . . Yeah, I guess that would work, too . . .

I had a 19 1/2 year old that always made it to the litter box but would often “miss” it. Maybe they don’t recognize the urge anymore until it is too late and just go to the nearest spot that seem appropriate to them for some reason. Maybe a few more litter boxes would help her get there faster. Seem that a plastic covering is the safest thing and if any of your friends don’t understand that a long time friend of yours has problems, too bad.

Brought a GF over and she saw the plastic on the bed and said it reminded her of a scene from American Psycho. NOT the image you want put in a woman’s mind that you are trying to impress :wink: (she was cool though and just poking fun).