Any way to make PMs longer?

Would extending the length limit on Private Messages be too hard on the board? Is it possible with this software?

I don’t send too many PMs but I do prefer them to email (better deliverability, IMHO) and occasionally I’ll get in to a discussion with someone and find out pretty quick that 1000 characters is not all that long.

Is having to send 3 1000-character PMs instead of one 3000-character PM harder or easier on the server?

Dunno. I’ll see what I can find out to answer your question.

In light of our current problems with board performance I don’t want to add to that problem so I’ll be moving carefully on this.

Sorry, but most men think it’s long enough as it is already. :smiley:

I would love to see PMs lengthened, but how would it effect morning people?


Okay, I’ve increased the length from 1000 to 1500. Let’s see if this has an adverse affect. If not, I’ll leave it.

Thanks for doing that, Tuba. I’ve had several occasions where I wound up saying “screw it, I’ll use e-mail” rather than break my message into three or four PMs. Here’s hoping it can be bumped even higher.

I’ll second the thanks. That always annoyed me but I never thought to ask.

I’ll third the thanks. Having recently PM’d a Doper who was down in the dumps and having to break my message up into several bits, I surely appreciate it.

If this hasn’t had an adverse effect, will you consider increasing it to 2000+? Not often is that useful, I suppose, but sometimes with quotes and such when you’re replying to someone the length can get up there.

Not a big deal, but I suspect it would even benefit the board to have one message of 2500 characters rather than 2 of 1250.

Try it now.