Any way to prevent NFL crap from appearing in Google News Top Stories?

Lately there was a thread about the recent redesign of the Google News homepage, but unfortunately I can’t find it. Anyway, I’ve notice another annoyance with the crappy new design. In the Top Stories section, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about the NFL. I don’t care about pro football anymore and don’t want to see this crap. I don’t give a fuck that Joe SixIQpoints missed a practice due to a sprained pinky finger, or that the league has suspended Jimmy Coqsuk for the first quarter of his next preseason game because he blew up a school bus.

Is there a way to block certain topics from appearing in my Top Stories newsfeed?

I sympathize. Both on sport and the hideous blank-faced design.
Anyway, log in; hit the Settings button — a gear-wheel at the top right; on the left column hit Headline Sections; look for Sports ( 7 down ) and click Hide on the right.

Rearrange the order if wanted.

Hope that works — I’ve never seen Google News before.