Any way to exclude news sources from Google News?

I’m hunting for a news source, one that doesn’t give me any sports or entertainment coverage. I used to cycle between the BBC, then NYTimes, then the Washington Post, but I’ve had it with the Olympics, Super Bowl, Celebutard of the Week, etc.

I thought Google News would help, and it’s much better — I can cut out the sports and entertainment sections from appearing. But today, in the U.S. section, one of the tree stories was from Bill O’Reilly. Not just Fox news, but Bill. :rolleyes:

I get my fair share of right-wing glurge from various sources after I’ve checked up on the world. I have no reason to ever see a story directly from them. Most of their so-called ‘breaking’ news is a glorified right wing talking point or blatant self promotion (e.g., the non-story about the teabagger meeting). Other than that, if something is going to break, some other outlet will carry the story.

So, justifications aside, is there any way to do this?

If not, is there a clean, reputable, and customizable news aggregator?

While the OP is basically asking a factual question, I think the political commentary makes this unsuitable for GQ. Also, deciding what constitutes and unbiased news source is largely a matter of opinion. Moving to IMHO.

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I have the same question as the OP, except I want to expunge the left AND right-wing crap. And all the blogs and opinions.

Really I’d like a site that would let me choose which news sites I DO want to aggregate.

The only suggestion that comes to mind is to emply the google reader and select your favorite websites. I realize it isn’t what you are exactly asking for, but I think it might be the most realistic solution.

Countdown to me proven wrong in 3…2…1…

Good point – I’m a new user, so if Olbermen or Huffpost blog pieces start showing up I’ll stop using it.

It wasn’t Fox News showing up so much as O’Reilly. And not just Bill – it was an interview with Sara Palin that made it into the “top news” category. Disgraceful.

Because Fox makes such an effort to integrate their commentary with their news I’d like to avoid them entirely.

Go hereto add yourself to the many others requesting this feature. I can’t believe they have not implemented this yet, since it seems a lot of people want it.

It is the third option in the list.

I think the best you can do is exclude keywords.

For example, search for articles about “Iraq” without the word Olympics:

Iraq -Olympics [Search]


Iraq -Olympis -Sports -Entertainment -huffington -fox -msnbc

You’ll still get a bunch of crap and you may actually filter articles out that have the keywords anywhere in the page (such as a menu item).

I made Igoogle my home page and I am able to pick and choose from several news sources. In fact, Igoogle can be customized in ways too subtle for an old guy like me to deal with. Give it a try; you can look it over without making a commitment.

Try this, changing the list as you like at Google news:

iraq ( | | | | | | | )