Good source of news?

I don’t get much time to catch up on the news. FOX has been too dishonest for too long I wouldn’t be able to believe them if they reported the sun rose in the east. CNN doesn’t seem to have the same credibility issues, but their website is heavy with commercials and celebrity fluff.

So where would one look for a news source with reasonably neutral reporting on US politics, economics, and world-wide scientific developments. Maybe the occasional fluff piece that still does not bump important developments off the front page? To be honest, I tend to come HERE first and catch whiffs of major events whereon I might investigate further.

I tend to get most of my news from here on the Dope. If I’m looking for something a bit more ‘official’, I usually turn to either the BBC or Al Jazeera.

The BBC.

Aljazeera America.

teleSUR English.


Democracy Now.

Deutsche Welle.

BBC - US and Canada
Christian Science Monitor
Stratfor - for analysis, a lot of it is behind a subscription paywall but trained former government/military intelligence analysts working from open sources can produce some amazing product
The Economist - good analysis and a deeper dive than more timely sources

Al-Jazeera gets some looks if I am focused on the middle east.

Well, you’ve answered your own question!

In general, the news aggregators like Yahoo and Google News and others are good for one specific reason: They gather articles from all over, and you can pick through them and get a good selection of news on many topics from many sources, national and international. True, a lot of them focus way too much on cruft like sports and celebs and clickbait, but one can ignore all that. Once you click on any article, that will then usually have a sidebar with more links to other articles.

I’ll often click on any article even if I’m not interested in what the headline says, just to get to an article on an outside site like Wall Street Journal or Washington Post or Christian Science Monitor or Al-Jazeera or any number of others. Of course, I have a lot of news sites bookmarked too. The point is, that Yahoo and Google and the like give me a smörgåsbord of pickings from all over the place, and I can news-web-surf to my heart’s content starting there.

And yes, I also get all the news I need, and starting points for more readings, right here on the SDMB. (Mumble mumble aceplace57 mumble mumble. :smiley: )


As a matter of fact, the sun does rise in the east. That’s probably why Fox has never mentioned it.

Many good sites are behind paywalls. Although there are sometimes very simple workarounds for those, you might look at the website for The Guardian newspaper, which does not have a paywall and is, I think, a respected newspaper.

Just read the New York Times.

If you want escapism, how about the Daily News?

Another vote for BBC.

I set my ‘homepage’ to news dot google dot

Works well enough for road work…

Local AM radio. Or on here. Occasionally the BBC.

I check the Wall Street Journal and New York Times websites multiple times each day to stay up to date on breaking news. I read the Economist for a broader perspective. I find this gives excellent coverage of any important developments of general interest. All of them cost money though.

I’d say The Economist is definitely number one for thorough, unbiased reporting of current events. I also enjoy the fact that their reporting is truly worldwide, paying equal attention to all parts of the earth. That’s definitely not true for American magainzes, newspapers, or TV networks generally.