Any websites for discussions about books?

Are there any websites that have active discussions of novels? I read a lot but I feel I’m probably missing things from the books I read without another perspective. Plus, I often have questions at the end of a book.

Obviously, more popular books are discussed here, but it seems that only blockbusters have enough numbers to sustain a thread.

For example, I just finished a book, and there are a couple of points that are very unclear in the narrative. This book isn’t very popular, but I find it hard to believe that in the whole internet, there isn’t somewhere to discuss it with others who have read it. So, are there any sites like that?

Have you tried If you look up the name of a book, there are book reviews and also customer reviews as you scroll down. Under the reviews is a forum titled ‘Customer Discussions’. You can discuss your book with others and ask questions. (Though a lot of the questions are off-topic.)

There’s a Straight Dope group at Goodreads – linky.

You don’t have to catalog your books to join a discussion.

I just discovered Readerville yesterday. The site isn’t being updated, but there are a ton of links to other books/reading sites.

And there’s always here, and the library forum at Giraffe’s board.

I have noticed that Amazon has a “Customer Discussion” forum, but honestly I’ve never seen an actual discussion taking place for a product that wasn’t an electronic gadget (but those are often very helpful!). It would be a great place for a discussion about somewhat obscure books, but since no one seems to use it, no one uses it.

Thanks for the suggestion of GoodReads, AuntiePam. There were 40 reviews of the book I just finished, which is pretty good. I wish there were some discussions, especially spoilers, because I’m not sure I figured everything out, but you can’t have everything. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll have to start creating discussions for the books I want and see if anyone responds.

The Barnes & Noble website has a book discussion forum. I haven’t been there in a while, but it introduced me to some pretty good novels.