Can Someone Recommend a Good Message Board for Mystery Novels?

Excuse me. I know I’m committing heresy and on a Sunday, no less! :eek: Still, I love mystery novels, but they don’t get discussed much around here. I’d like to be able to go some place where I could find interesting discussions about them and possibly even some ideas for new ones. You know, the place where people might compare and contrast Dame Frevisse’s and Brother Cadfael’s attitudes toward religion or discuss Jane Austen’ and Jane Marple’s methods of detectionor aybe a bit of V.I. Warshawski vs. Kat Colorado.

Can anyone out there point me in a good direction? There must be other people who are waiting for Laurie King’s latest to come out in paperback as eagerly as I am!


It’s not a board, but the DorothyL mystery fiction email discussion list has been running since 1991, and is very active. Pretty much any mystery-related topic you want to raise will spark a lively conversation. Any number of well-known and not-so-well-known authors belong to the list. is perhaps the most thorough/active/extensive booklover’s forum I know, but it is pay for play (but vountary, you can register and surf without paying to see if you like it).

Thanks. I’ll check out both of those. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Hmf. won’t let me register my yahoo e-mail account because it’s “a free e-mail service.” Nonetheless I’ve paid for a 2 Gig e-mail account for over a year now.