Any Welles fans out there? Now's the time to buy.

I just snagged two DVDs from Amazon, The Stranger and Mr. Arkadin. Stranger is $9.99 US, while Arkadin is a ridiculously low $5.50 US. Shipping is about three bucks.

Obviously, these two films have fallen into the public domain and their quality will probably be low. But so is the price, and since no video store in my neighborhood carries either of these films it’s a pretty good deal to me.

You might want to check other carriers, but the aforementioned vendor is acting a little… desperate right now and it seems as if they’re reflecting it in their pricing. Just thought you’d like to know.

(I also snagged the seven-film Kubrick collection. That’s a little more expensive, at about eighteen bucks a film. Hey, you only live once, but you sit on your ass a million times. My goal is to make sure that I never have to watch bad television ever again.)

Actually, from a DVD-perspective, The Kubrick Collection sucks. Warner Brothers did a really sloppy job converting the films to DVD, and were even more lax in putting bonus things on the series. The Digital Bits, a very good DVD-related site I frequent, called it a disgrace to Kubrick’s legacy.

I’m waiting for the new version of Dr. Strangelove, due soon, and the 2001 edition of 2001. I’m sure the others will follow.