Any word on dates for new Mythbusters episodes?

Has there been any word on dates for new Mythbusters episodes?

I’m getting a little tired of the re-runs… except the ones where they blow stuff up.

Oh, and the rocket-powered Chevy. Can’t beat that.

There’s a “new” show coming up soon with the “best of” animal myths.

IOW a “clip show.”

And so, we have Mythbusters doing a clip show. The Apprentice doing a clip show. And the worst… Smallville doing several “viewer’s choice” shows… IOW, “repeats” disguised as a new episode for us TiVo users.


I’m not surprised they’re doing a clip show. Mythbusters has to be pretty expensive to produce. Think about it: building apparati, hiring union demolition techs, blowing stuff up…that starts to cost a lot pretty quick.

I would assume there would be new episodes in May (for Sweeps).

The show IS expensive to produce. The crane rentals alone for the “Hammer drop” episode had to be alot.

And getting the permits to do half the explosive myths had to be pricey too.

Hope you’re right about new episodes in May…according to the schedule on the Discovery Channel website it’s all reruns through the end of April…