Mythbusters Marathon starts tonight

Discovery is airing every Mythbusters episode in order starting at midnight(EST) tonight.
It’s on The Science Channel(DISH 193).

Title correction requested.

Enjoy it while you can – I sure have; the upcoming season is the last.

It (kinda) started last night. This show has been Discovery’s cash cow, they’re not pulling the plug on it after the season ends. I’m sure they’ll be playing reruns, regularly, for the next 5-10 years.

So, yeah, enjoy it, but it’s not going to disappear after the last episode is aired.

I doubt anyone knew how successful it would be when it started. Despite complaints about the quality of science employed on the show they managed to hit the sweet spot for audiences, topics the general audience could relate to, a light attitude, and blowing shit up. Isn’t that the reason the ancient Greeks invented television?