Any working free email pop/smtp servers out there?

I am moving country and looking for a temporary free email so I can transfer my existing emails over to them and then get a decent email server when in New Zealand. While I could use a web-based one like yahoo, on my dial-up it is a pain as I can’t compose and check my mail offline. So what I need is a free smpt/pop server.

However, I have tried a few such as hotpop/icmail etc and while the pop side works ok, I cant seem to send emails using SMTP and either Outlook or Eudora. Usually it doesnt seem to connect. I suspect they might be spammed to death but not sure.

While Yahoo alledgedly offers a POP/SMTP for their mail, I cant get the authentication to work (I have read the help files), however at least the SMPT seems to connect, but now not the POP.
I understand GMAIL might offer it, but as I have no friends and live in the wrong country I aint got no invites for it.
Anyone getting good free email (non web-based) access (and without having to directly dial the server as I currently do with in the UK)

I just checked, and Gmail offers it. I’ve sent you an invite so you can see whether it’s to your liking or not.

Err, I had the invite page up, but apparently your email address isn’t listed.
Mine is, though; drop me a note and I’ll take care of it.

As noted, GMail does POP3/SMTP (and does it pretty well, I might add), but if you are still looking, is a splendid list of email service providers.

many thanks - an email is on the way

Your ISP should offer this service.