Getting my E-mail from a distant location.

The site I used to go to before now wants to charge me money.
Any other places I can go where all I have to do is enter my address and my password?
(Does Charter offer this service? They’re not too helpful on the phone and their website is a thinly veiled screen of inactivity.)

What do you mean? Accessing a pop-account from another account?

I’m not sure if does that but maybe.

Hotmail used to, but I don’t think it does anymore.

Other option is to get the mail in the pop-account forwarded to another email account.

You can also access it through Outlook, if you have it. You just add the email address under Tools|Accounts.

A distant location? How distant? The question is very poorly explained so many people who might have answers will probably scratch their heads and move on. It helps if you try to express your question so that people understand what the question is.

It sounds like you may be looking for http (browser) email. There are many free, browser based, email services like Yahoo, Hotmail and a hundred others. Just go to or any other or searc for “free email”

You can also access Hotmail with Outlook Express but I have been having trouble with this lately. You get what you pay for.

If you are looking for POP3 email you can also find some free ones although it is not as easy as it used to be. I have about half a dozen though.

I thought the OP meant retrieving email from a particular account through the net; used to be you could go to and plug in your email address and PW and thereby access your account. But that’s no longer free. Also, I’m pretty sure Hotmail’s charging for theirs - I could have sworn that’s what I saw when I tried to set up one last week with them.

If you’re referring to free, web-based email addresses, unfortunately your choices are becoming slimmer by the day. Hotmail and Yahoo are still around if you don’t mind being bombarded by spam but are rapidly decreasing the number of free services available. Neither offer free POP3 access.

Currently, I use MyRealBox. It’s still free, has great spam filtering and has POP3 access. Stupid name, though.

This site:
works pretty well and is still free for the moment. Hotmail doesn’t do free POP3 anymore, but I think Yahoo still does it. But you can have your email forwarded to a free, web-based email account–some people I work with have their work email forwarded to their hotmail.