Any worthwhile games for the Blackberry?

I have a Blackberry 8800 that I use for work, but I’m pretty free to do with it as I please. On a rare occasion during my commute to/from work on the train, I get bored with my iPod and don’t care to read. Sadly, the most entertainment my Blackberry can offer me if I don’t have any pending email is playing with the GPS, because Brick Breaker just does nothing for me. And although I will do it when I’m desperate, browsing the Dope on it just isn’t very convenient.

So I’m wondering if anyone else out there has found any games worth playing for the Blackberry. I would be willing to pay a small amount for a really entertaining game, I suppose. What say you?

I don’t have a hard and fast answer for you — mostly use my crackberry for email and the GPS as well. But Magmic Games is apparently the standard bearer for Blackberry games.

Most of their games come with a free trial period, so you’ll be able to explore. Good luck.

I finally got around to doing this – many thanks! There are some great games available.