Are any of the iphone app games worth buying?

I’ve tried some of the free demo games but other than the puzzle games, I haven’t found any that are actually worth buying.

Wow. I was going to ask the same question about an hour ago.

Ones I’ve enjoyed playing are - Peggle, Angry Birds, Plants versus Zombies, iBlast Moki, Bejeweled 2.

And some ports of old console or PC games: Sonic, Flashback, Sim City 3000, Worms, Monkey Island.

Scrabble, Solitaire City, Durak, Moxie, Finger Physics are all games I enjoy. I tend to enjoy card and word games.

I’ve only paid for two that I found were worth the $$$,

Snooker - helps if you actually like snooker of course but the gameplay is quite realistic and can be challenging. Suck the battery down fast though.

Civilization Revolution - again it helps to be a bit familiar with the game since the tutorial doesn’t help explain it well IMO.

doodlejump is the best $.99 we’ve spent. Four times on four iPhones.

If you are a fan: Final Fantasy / Final Fantasy II.

If you like Risk: Lux Touch - though the free version is really good too. Also, I enjoyed Defender Chronicles.

I still can’t get over paying for games I could play for free on my PC.

Seconding the recommendation for Civilization: Revolutions.

It’s exactly the same game as the DS version (slightly better graphics on iPhone but the touch screen is more awkward than the DS buttons) but cost £2.50 rather than £25. Bargain!

I think Soosiz is definitely worth the money!

If you’ve got a bunch of friends with iPhones Words With Friends is basically a Scrabble rip off and is free. You can’t play against the computer and the board isn’t the best design (there are TWO Triple Letters and Triple Word all about 6 spaces apart allowing for some RIDICULOUS scores) but it’s free and fun if you have dedicated friends.

I would NOT recommend New York Times Crosswords. I paid full price ($5+, it was expensive for an ap) for this, understanding that it was to get the daily updates for one year. So after it runs out I go to play some of the previous year’s puzzles that I paid for, not only does it no longer give your current puzzles, it LOCKS YOU OUT of the previous year’s puzzles you already paid for. BS!

Seconded…as well as ‘Angry Birds’

So, that’s Popcap, not popcap, Popcap, not popcap, Popcap.

Just making sure.

Yeah, It’s ok, I’ve got Peggle on both of my Ipods [Touch* and Classic] and both of my PCs.

  • I so didn’t think I could justify buying Peggle again. It was 99 cents the day I got it.

But, if you have ever played Peggle, you know how much of a knee-jerk reaction that was. A stop everything, let me get my Ipod type moment.

I have a lot of stuff I thought I would play, that I havent touched more than three times.

But a few games I keep playing over and Over:

Peggle. [Not as much any more, but I need a fix at times.]

**Trism **Think Bejweled, but throw in the accelerometer - so that you can tell the trisms [gems] which way to fall in the grid.

Paper Toss. Flick a paper ball into a wastepaper basket across aroom. Adjust your angle due to the fan. — I Remember this back when it was a web game. It shouldn’t be that addicting, but it is.

Arcade Bowl. Off-brand Skeeball.

KDice . a “Dice Wars” variant. The closest game that can compare to it is the board game Risk. Each game draws up a completely new and random world map. – No relevance to real geography at all. The dice you use to defend each of your countires also become the troops that populate that country. [Interesting strategies abound.]

And the final game that I have in my first “section” of games – Boomshine. Addicting. -You have been warned.

Must Eat Birds is fun. Silent Hill: The Escape is an amusing little FPS. Solebon has about a jillion solitaire games.

I’m addicted to Rock Band at the moment - it’s amazing how well it works on the small screen. That said, I play the drums and hence love these rhythm-type games, you might not. It’s not cheap for an app (£5.99 in the UK I think) but worth every penny. You can buy extra tunes for it too, although not as many as I’d like.

Others that have been mentioned: **Peggle ** gave me countless hours of fun, and I finally completed the whole thing (all 100 pegs on every stage) just a few weeks ago.

Doodle Jump - friends of mine find it the most addictive thing ever, but I’m not so keen. Mainly it’s because it’s one of those games where you always start back at zero, so getting a new high score (which is the only goal) involves playing over the tedious early stages again. That diminishes the replay value for me.

One that hasn’t been mentioned: Drop7. It’s kind of like a cross between Tetris, Puzzle Bobble and Connect 4. It takes a while to get your head round it but it’s very absorbing.

I have Glider, by glu which is a motion based game that you collect various geometric shapes and doing so in a glider.

Some golf game, cartoony but okay for the odd day.

Who wants to be a millionaire, nice adaptation

Original Myst, done really well

blimp, side scroller sorta. Nice relaxing game


I like Pixelogic, and it was worth paying for it. It comes with a ton of puzzles, plus a new one everyday. In case you don’t know Pixelogic is a Picross type game (also called Nanogram).

If you like Angry Birds you’ll probably like Crush the Castle, try the free version. Crush the Castle was my first iTouch obsession.

I’ll also put in a vote for Civilization Revolution, if you like strategy games it’s surprisingly good despite its small-screen format.

Angry Birds and Crush the Castle are great fun. Battle Bears is cool. Zombieville is mindless, but fun. iBomber is very well put together. Stair dismount is satisfyingly violent. Jelly car is cute.

Hmm, there are a few games I really enjoy (and am probably addicted to) and others I enjoy playing once in a while when the mood strikes.

So for the ones I really love

Chopper - LOVE it. If you ever played and loved Choplifter this is the one to get.
Canabalt - While available for free on the web, having it on my phone has let me waste hours of time.
Spider - I Avoided getting this for a while but once I did, I’ve comce to love the heck out of it.
iBomber - Great App and very addictive
Cop&Robber - Really nice game. Must have played through the whole game 3 or 4 times bu now.
Glyder - Very simple very relaxing games. Played through it too many times to count.
Glyder2 -Sequal to Glyder and am currently enjoying working my way through it.
Isaac Newtons’s GRAVITY - Just got it a few days ago on sale and am compleatly in love.
Crazy Tanks - Great game

Games I enjoy when I’m in the mood

Tapdefense - Free Tower defense type game and a lot of fun
Fieldrunners - Another Tower Defense clone, but much more polished and longer.
Flight control - intresting game, but need to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy
Geared - Great puzzles
Paper Toss - Great way to kill a few minutes
Wolf3D - Great to get back to a classic
Lets Golf - Really nice golf Game
Gravball - Fun but gets really difficult (for me) half way through
Crazy Penguin Catapult Free - crazy but fun game
iBowl - Nice bowling game, but does get a bit old after time.

I had Words With Friends but the different letter distributions, points and board layout drove me batty. I’m a Scrabble purist!