What Ipod touch(or Iphone) games do you like?

I just got an Ipod touch 4 and am looking for some games to play on it. Free would be best, but I’m willing to pay a little if a game is great. So far, I’ve tried:
Farmville** - Hey, can this game be played without ever using facebook or bothering friends? I’m trying to play it “Sim Farm” style, single-player only. I refuse to send out requests to friends and so forth.

Any other “sim” like games that I can casually play?

Flick Homerun - Neat. I like this one. I can’t get past step 7, though. I kind of suck at these kind of games. Neat, though. Just the kind of game I can play while waiting for something.

Blanks - Gets boring quick. You just guess the definition of words.

What games do you like? I wish there were more sim games like Farmville that don’t emphasize bugging your friends.

Good sim games that you can play without having to bug friends - Zombie Farm and Zombie Life, both very cartoony. In Zombie Farm, you’re a farmer who raises vegetables… and zombies. See, there are all kinds of baddies out there, and you can literally grow a zombie army and crush them! Sure, you can log into GameCenter and ask friends for stuff, but you absolutely don’t have to. In Zombie Life, you play a zombie who wants to live a regular life - job, house, clothes, that kind of thing. You do jobs for money and recommendations for promotions, you buy clothes, furniture - oh yeah, and deodorant to freshen up after a hard day of pounding the pavement, else the humans around you might start to suspect something. It only came out recently, so I’ll be interested to see where the company (GameForge) takes this game in terms of new quests and expansions.

There’s always the classic Plants vs. Zombies, a tower-defense style game. This one costs a few bucks, but it’s fun.

Shape Shift is a Bejeweled-style matching game, which plays off both colors and shapes.

My favorite game right now is Dungeon 2 HD for the iPad. It’s pretty cool. I also like the Virtual Pool HD for the iPad game. I’ve heard the Sid Meier’s Pirates! game is also supposed to be pretty cool…very much like the PC version. I haven’t gotten that one yet but think I’ll give it a try. A friend of mine has Modern Combat 3 as well, but I wasn’t able to play it at all…just can’t figure out the controls and don’t have the reflexes.

ETA: Pinball HD is also pretty cool and I enjoy playing that as well.


There’s always the classics like Angry Birds (I’m not fond of the physics, it seems a little wonky), Cut the Rope, and Fruit Ninja. Little fighting/adventure games like Battleheart and Zombieville USA can be fun too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Mindlessly addictive, do not really recommend - Tiny Tower. I was playing that for a while almost out of spite, as I was just trying to get certain achievements unlocked and couldn’t manage. It’s sort of SimCity-ish though, on a very simple level.

Then there are time management games like Sally’s Spa, Diner Dash, that kind of thing.

Enjoying Zombie Life, but am annoyed at how I run out of energy. Buying energy drinks is too expensive and it appears the only way to gain energy otherwise is to…wait.

Sudoku Joy is what I end up wasting the most time on. It’s easy to use, it’s got more features than any computer sudoku game I’ve ever seen, it’s got a wide array of different difficulty levels, and it’s free.

Some of these I play on an iPad or on my Android phone, but they’re all available for iPhone/touch:

Contract Killer, and CK Zombies - fixed-position quasi-first person shooters, the zombie version is more fun, but the regular version has bit more depth to the gameplay (free)
Jet Car Stunts - does what it says on the tin; 3d racing/stunt game (paid)
Contre Jour - a surreal physics puzzler, with awesome music and a striking visual style (paid)
Zombie GS - protect the civilians from zombies from an AC-130 circling overhead; pretty straightforward mass assault game, but it’s great fun to blast away at zombies with a howitzer (free)

Ones I play on my iPad, I don’t know if every one of them is an iphone port:

Beyond YNTH is a good one. I got it during a free promo, it’s 2 bucks now. It’s a really good game. Puzzle/platformer, quite addicting.

There’s a port of Sim City (again, for the iPad), that I bought on sale for $0.99. Absolutely AMAZING. Better than the one I got for Windows way back when. Had a lot of fun with that one!

Valor is a free sword-and-chivalry style war game sim. You build troops at your city, manage the three types of resources (wood/clay/iron) and attempt to conquer nearby cities. You can join a guild for mutual protection or cooperative attacks. When you start, it puts you in the most recently created server, so you’re never at a disadvantage just because you joined late. The game makes money by allowing people to buy small advantages with real money, but you can be very competitive without spending even a dollar.

I really could use a nice file manager for the Ipod touch. I wish I could run an app while using the ipod touch that would open the equivalent of “finder” or “windows explorer” on OSX/Windows.

Is there a free app that does that?

From the home screen, scroll to the left, as if you were turning a book backward a page (instead of advancing from page 1 to 2). It’s not extremely efficient, but it does allow you to search your apps by title.

Actually, I want to manually delete photos and so forth. I synced a bunch of folders from my computer onto my Ipod and I see no way to delete them.

Is there a file manager that is popular?

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. As far as I know, no such app exists. It might be easier to use iTunes for that kind of heavy duty file management.

Even Itunes does not seem to allow basic file management.

I have an iPhone 4, so I’m working from that. Do you have an app called Photos? Click that, then select a photo within it. There ought to be a trash can icon in the lower right of each photo. Click, and you’ll get a confirmation box to state that you do indeed wish to delete that photo. I don’t know any way to do batch-deletion, if that’s what you were asking.

See, this is what I figured. That seems to only work for pictures taken with the Ipod itself, something I keep reading on the internet. Heck, I’d be fine with manually deleting pictures as I see fit. There is no trash can on the ones imported from my computer.


I just checked. When I look at an “imported” photo from my computer, I see:

Previous Arrow, Play Button, Next Arrow

On the left I see a flip book icon, which gives me the option to:

Email Photo

Use as Wallpaper



How, how, how can there be no delete function? What an odd device. I love it, but it is weird.

There are about four games I play all the time

Trainyard: Basically you’re trying to get trains from one point to another by building tracks. It ranges from super simple to absolutely fiendishly difficult, and they’re all fun. The trains come in 8 different colors and you can merge the trains to create new colors, or split them in two to get primary colors, or have them jump from one track to another. It’s only 99 cents and I really recommend it.

Fragger: Basically you lob grenades from a static point to kill criminals hiding throughout the screen. Good physics, lots of levels.

Words with Friends: Scrabble. The coding can be weird on this thing but overall not bad.

Tower Madness: Tower defense game. You must stop aliens from kidnapping sheep to use for the Emperor’s new scarf. I think it’s a fun game and I play it way more than I like to admit. That said, it’s only 99 cents but you don’t get all the levels or weapons with that. I’ve ended up purchasing almost all the packs and felt it worth it, but you may want to just try it out at the base level and see. Also, I feel that one or two of the weapons are either overpowered or underpowered for their cost, but overall it pretty well nails the math on cost/power/alien toughness.

I’ve only played it on the PC, but King of Dragon Pass recently came out for the iOS. You lead a Gloranthan (think vikings with runes and magic) clan who have just colonized Dragon Pass.

Each year is divided into 5 seasons, and you can do two things per season. You can for example choose between sending exploration parties, raiding parties, managing your crops, sacrificing to the gods, trading missions, sending your nobles on hero quests and other things. You also get events quite often, and need to choose how to react to them. There’s hundreds of different events, and a lot of them have multiple parts based on what you decided. l really liked the art style when I played it, and you can see some examples here if you’re interested.

Don’t have an iPhone, but I believe there’s a version of QWOP (a racing game. Of sorts) for it.