iPod touch/iPhone apps

I apologize if there is already a thread about this, but I was wondering if any of you could recommend some good apps to download.

Some that I like;


My favorite right now is called LUX touch, it is basically RISK. A ton of fun, and each game only takes about 6-7 minutes, but it is a little easy. I haven’t lost a game since I first downloaded it. Best of all, its free!

Vay- old school top-down RPG, good old fashioned fun, decent story.

Trace- Highly recommend this one, you have to draw lines on the screen to direct your stick figure avatar to the goal, all the while dodging various obstacles. It’s all drawn up in a fun sketch-notebook style, very addicting.

PapiJump± very addictive game, you basically try and direct Mr. Papi (a pink smiley-face) from platform to platform by tilting your iPod. More fun than it sounds

Useful apps

Pageonce-gets all your different financial information together-easy to look up bank balance, etc. Not great but ok.

Dictionary- obvious

Translator- obvious

Remote- very cool, lets you control iTunes libraries on your computer from anywhere in the house.

Anybody want to recommend a new one?

Twitteriffic if you use Twitter.

Urbanspoon is very handy for finding restaurants in unfamiliar areas.

Simplify lets you play songs from your home PC Itunes collection on your iPhone. Very nice.

Pandora is, well, Pandora. If you like music you should at least check out Pandora.com, and then you should probably download the app.

Midomi is a neat toy - lets you record snippets of songs and then IDs them based on pattern-matching. Even works with saying song names or singing a part of it – we tried with one of my coworkers singing to it, and it worked. Fun to play with, plus it gives artist/album info and links to purchase it, should you so desire.

NYTimes is a good news source.

Sportacular is the best of the sports score apps that I have tried. I’m a baseball guy, though – it might suck for other sports, I have no idea.

Dicebag is a great free die roller for RPGs. Mach Dice is a great non-free die roller.

AirSharing lets you wirelessly transfer files, which can be very handy. You need to have a wireless network to use and then you declare your iPhone/iTouch as a drive and let people connect to it.

Galcon Lite is a neat little galactic conquest game.

Aurora Feint: The Beginning is a slightly buggy but fun Tetris/Bejeweled-esque game that uses the motion sensor to good effect. Tilting the phone causes the tiles you are matching to slide around and gives you additional movement options.