Good Ipod Touch Games?

What games for IPod Touch are good?

I enjoy RTS, RPG, puzzle and strategy games.

Angry Birds is a lot of fun. I think there is a free version you can play around with if you want to try it before actually paying for it.

Paper Toss and Hangman are two of my faves.

Godfinger. You have been warned. Also, if you enjoy scrabble and have friends with an iPod touch or iPhone, Words with Friends will eat up way too much of your time.

ETA: My fiancé has been raving about Cut the Rope. You might give that one a look as well.

I don’t get all the love for this game. The concept isn’t original even on the app store. There have been a bunch of other games just like it that came before. I also think some of the levels are poorly designed to the point that they are not fun to play. If there was a way to reorder the birds they give you it would make the game much funner. As it is the yellow dive bombers are pretty shitty all the way around.

Plants vs Zombies. The best tower defence game on the ipod.

Trenches.More fun tower defence set in WW1

Steambirds. Quirky turnbased, top down, steampunk, air combat game.

Osmos. Awesome…not really sure how to describe it. Check out the itunes store for a description, then go buy it.

The Quest. The closest thing you’ll find to an elder scrolls game on the ipod.

Dungeon Hunter. The closest thing you’ll find to Diablo on the ipod.

Cut the Rope is fantastic if you like puzzle games. Even my girlfriend loves it and she’s not a gamer at all. and I’ll second the Osmos recommendation. Great game.

I’m also a huge fan of DoodleJump

for more expensive games, I love me some Super Monkey Ball 2, and Katamari is good once you get used to the controls. Also Labyrinth 2. If you can’t tell, I love the puzzle games =P

my newest (free) addiction is Mr. AahH! which is super simple and super fun. StarDunk is good on that free but fun level, too.

finally I’d recommend Tap Tap Revenge 3 (basically guitar hero for the phone). Only a few songs at first but as you level up you can unlock more and you can download a free one every week. There’re also a bunch of free ones available in their in-game marketplace, and you can pay to download a bunch more.

Drop 7 is outstanding, possibly the best puzzle game for iOS.

Helsing’s Fire has a great concept: you move a torch around to cast light on vampires, werewolves, mummies, etc., and then use tonics to wipe them out. Very cool Mike Mignola-inspired art style, plus great victory animations.

Trainyard is a puzzle game where you lay tracks to route trains to the appropriately-colored stations.

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust is a surprisingly good combination of Asteroids + light RPG, where you break apart asteroids to collect ore to get money to buy ship upgrades.

Plants vs Zombies is great on any platform, including iOS.

Highborn is a turn-based strategy RPG (a little bit similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance Wars) with a pretty good sense of humor.

And the real Final Fantasy Tactics should be coming to iOS sometime soon…

flight control (I only know it from ipad and iphone, but i assume it’ll also be avilable on the ipod touch) it is the new tetris.

Seconded, or thirded actually. My wife started it on the iPad this weekend and couldn’t stop.

I’ve been fine with Bejeweled and Sudoku so far. But I don’t play that much, as Bejeweled is rough on the battery.

what the hell happened with that, anyway? Wasn’t it supposed to come out months ago?

It is a rpg card game called Legend of the Crytpids. It’s free off the Itunes store. You only need another players referral code to join. It is actually a fun game the graphics are very good. The people you get to talk to are very friendly. If you or anybody is intserted here is my referral code. Soteira:)