Recommend some good iPod touch games

Well yesterday I decided the battery of my trusty nano was dropping below the threshold of usability and was getting increasingly cranky with age. Time to upgrade.
So I’ve just got home with a shiny new iPod touch and a thrown in itunes voucher for £15, which i’ve decided to blow on games to keep me amused on long trips and idle moments.
I’ve bought Tetris because… well d’uh it’s Tetris the ultimate time sink. That leaves me about £13, suggestions for what else i should get are most welcome.

For reference, I don’t like racing or sports games. Interesting RPG or adventure games would be nice. Good shooters, and strategy games would also be good.How are the Doom games? I am intrigued but i wonder how well they play.

Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Doodle Jump

We also liked the free ones Cows in Space, Spikey Bounce

Super Monkey Ball 2. I don’t have a iPhone (yet, ordered it) but this is the game for it. I loved the monkey ball games on the gamecube, the wii ones weren’T very good cause the control scheme was bad, but on the iphone/ipod touch it’s perfect.

Basically, it’s sort of like one of those wooden puzzle labyrinths ( Except you’re a monkey, in a ball. You control the stage by tilting the ipod and the ball will roll around. You need to avoid the pitfalls and make it to the exit. Only it goes from very straight forward, don’t fall off, levels, to utter japanese craziness. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

It’s not really an iPod touch game as much as an awesome game on the iPod…Puzzle Quest! Combining the addictiveness of Bejewled style match-3 gaming with the further addictiveness of RPG style character bulding, to form the digital equivalent of caffeine and bacon infused heroin. The iPod version contains the expansion, with 4 new classes (don’t quote me on that if it’s changed). Do it…join us…

It is a rpg card game called Legend of the Crytpids. It’s free off the Itunes store. You only need another players referral code to join. It is actually a fun game the graphics are very good. The people you get to talk to are very friendly. If you or anybody is intserted here is my referral code. Soteira:)