Anybody dressing up for Halloween?

I am. Well, sort of.

I’m going to a Halloween party on Saturday. Yes, I know it’s All Saints Day instead of All Souls Day, but what they hey. The party organizer suggested that the costumes have a Victorian theme.

Well, I hate to dress up in hoop skirts or general Victorian women’s styles, so I was casting around for what I could dress as. I wanted something archery-related (see user name :smiley: ), but I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I had an inspiration.

There’s a book by Maurice Thompson called The Witchery of Archery that’s kind of a classic in the field. So I thought “I’ll be The Witch(ery) of Archery!!” I got a store-bought witchy costume and I copied the title from the book (in its archaic type) and made an applique to put on my pointy witch hat and on the back of the costume. I also found an image of a lady archer in Victorian costume that I’ll fasten to the front of the costume.

I made some mini bows and arrows out of bamboo skewers to fasten on my hat.

Nobody but me and Robert will understand what it is, but it makes me happy.

Robert will be in a sort of Victorian vampire costume – not real fancy, but I sewed him a vest and black satin shirt (mmm… black satin…) with ruffles at wrist and throat. That was challenging – I’m not much of a seamstress.

I’ll see if we can get pictures when we’re all dressed up.

Anybody else dressing for Halloween? Posting pictures?

I’m not, but if I had $3088 this is what I’d buy.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I always dress up.

This year I’m lucky enough to be spending it with my three nieces, ages 3, 7 and 12. My costume sort of fell together while I was shopping for accessories and fun things for my nieces.

They will be dressed as devils. All three. It’s what they wanted.

I will be dressed as a fallen angel. Long dark wine red robe. Wings with dark red and black feathers. Horns and fangs. Yellow and red contact lenses.

I’m taking them trick-or-treating Halloween night and Saturday night we’re going to a festival.

I’m dressing up as More Punk Than You. I’ve got the army jacket and the duct tape and the safety pins, a pleated skirt/dress, huge boots, etc.

I intend to duct tape the living hell out of myself in the morning.

I am going Renfest all the way this Halloween. I got a black skirt and leather-looking bodice with a wine colored chemise, fake hair accessory and a very cool gold ring. My daughter is a witch but she won’t wear the hat, she also looks very “huzzah” so we will match as far as theme. I might post pics… might. Depends on how good I look.

And Halloween’s so much friggin’ better than any other holiday, it’s ridiculous! Christmas is just not fun for me, Thanksgiving is eat and sleep, eat and sleep… although I am a freak for pumpkin pie… mmmmmmmmm, pumpkin pie. drool

I’ve been a vampire for so many years, it’s a wonder I ain’t grown fangs!

This will be the first time in seventeen years I haven’t had a kid to take out. Kid, the Younger, has decided, at fourteen, that he’s finished. (sigh)

Guess I’ll have to settle for answering the door.

You can see some of my costume here

I’ll be wearing the full costume to the Henri David ball tonight.

Instead of the off the shelf mylar eagle mask, my face will be covered by metal plate complete with beak.

Instead of my trusty brown cloak, I’ll have a very large pair of shiny silver wings coming out of the back of my armor (unless I’m unable to find some ermergency thermal blankets. In which case, I’ll have to cut the one I do have in half).

I was actually planning on doing something completely different this year, but the depression has been worse than usual. Instead of being half done come july, I didn’t start work on my costume til mid september. So instead of either of the elaborate costumes I was considering, I modified the armor and helmet I’d made a few years ago.

I will be Zorro.

I’ve got two costumes- one for work, and one for going out nightclubbing tonight. My very understanding manager said I could wear anything so long as I could still climb a ladder in it, so I’m wearing a red/black shot silk mid-18th century evening gown to work, with silver stomacher and black trim. I’m going to try to do 18th type makeup, too- very pale with pink cheeks and red lips.

For afterwards, my phoenix costume actually turned out. Red satin belly top and red and gold sequined skirt, papier mache bird mask with red, yellow and orange streamer-things off the back. I stiched more streamers onto a pair of those fishnet-y arm sleeve things, and they make pretty good wings. And a streamer tail. Total cost- $12. I am smug.

I take Hallowe’een way too seriously. I started my costume in January!

Jim and I are going to a Hallowe’en party tomorrow dressed as a pair of Jedi knights. I made costumes for both of us (except the capes and boots - we bought those). They look really cool - we’ll have to see about getting some digital pictures to post here.

I love making Hallowe’en costumes - I usually make one each year. Next year, I think I’ll make something more girly. Something prettier, more frilly; have to work on this idea.

Sheesh Archergal, it’s: All Halloweds Eve, All Saints (Halloweds) Day THEN All Souls Day. What’s with you? (I kid. I’m just like that.)

This year, I’m a very tall Hobbit. That’s my costume too, so it works out nicely.

Well, I’m not dressing up IRL, but here on the board, I’ll be dressed today as … um … well, right now I seem to be TooMuchCoffeeMan, but I’ll see if I can come up with something better later …

I’m wearing a tiara right now. That’s far more dressed up than I’ve gotten in years.

:smack: D’oh!!

You’re right, of course. Would you believe me if I said I knew that and just forgot???

Really. I just forgot…

I’m dressed the same as I was at the Dope-a-ween at JCs. So far I’ve gotten looks, stares, giggles, and I scared some woman coming around the corner, that was the best. :smiley:

I’m going as Ted Williams. I have a Williams jersey shirt, I’m working on finding some baseball pants. I’ll also have a winter hat, gloves and scarf on, along with the cooler I’ll be wearing around my waist.

Well, I’m at work in my bumblebee costume (think Saturday Night Live). I just finished walking around and handing out candy to all the employees.

I’m a dog.

And I really wish I could touch-type because I made the eye-holes so small that I can’t see diddly, and typing is a pain in the tail!

Charlie Brown is a Blockhead!


Lucy Van Pelt

I’m going as a fat old Jew.