What's your costume this year?

You’ve planned your costume for days / weeks / months (circle one). The moment of truth is almost upon you. Will you win the ‘Best Costume’ prize, or the ‘Worst Eyesore (AKA the So Good You Can’t Stand It)’ prize?

Tell us what you’re going to be, then come back after the fact & tell us how the costume turned out.

I’m dressing as William Wallace (Braveheart / Mel Gibson). Costume construction began this past Tuesday. I have my claymore, and my kilt is just about completed. I need to finish off the leather armor & buy a bottle of scotch, and I’ll be all set.

I’m up against some stiff comptetion, but I’m confident my costume will be among the best. We’ll see tomorrow night!

Jack Bauer.


On hallowe’en night itself, we’re off to the Rocky Horror Show, and next Friday there’s a big hallowe’en theme party that we have tickets for. The theme? Rocky Horror Show! Woohoo! No costume-making required!

Just as well because I’m going to the Dead Rat Ball in March and I’ve got to re-vamp costumes for that one but I’m doing it for about six people. And my uni course starts in a week’s time…eeek! Better stock up on red wine and chocolate, otherwise things could get ugly.

I’m going as Kim Jong “I put the il in mental illness” Il.

Big sunglasses, bouffant wig and a bottle o’ cognac.

Purple turtleneck

  • Eye patch
  • Rubber bike horn
  • Propeller beanie
  • Bag of gingerbread men

= One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater

The baby is going as a pirate (I admit, I wimped out and bought Target’s toddler pirate costume, because it was cheap and easy. And, c’mon, it’s cute! ) To make the punny match, I’m going as “Movies”. (Pirated Movies, get it?) I’m wearing a tunic with some dollar store CD’s attached with movie title labels on them, and a bag of microwave popcorn on my head as a hat.

But it’s my son’s costume I’m most excited about. He’s going as Wash, from Firefly/Serenity. We hit the thriftstore yesterday and got a gawdawful Hawaiian shirt, a long sleeved pullover sweater and a vest, along with a pair of cargo-like pants. Of course, no one outside the Whedonverse would get what he is, so we’re constructing a large wooden stake to go through his chest. Add a dribble of blood, and he’ll be gory enough to qualify as “Dead Guy With a Stake Through His Chest” to the uninitiated.

Bear hunter, but then, I’ve been dressing as that for the last five weeks. And I won’t stand out, as I’ll actually be up bear hunting. But I’ll bring candy!

This would be *such *a different costume in Boystown (Chicago)! :smiley:

Have fun hunting bears! I hear they like Bit O’ Honey and Jelly Bellies.

A Hammer Brother. I had the idea in time for last year’s Halloween, but I never got around to it. This year I got everything together:

-A form fitting thermal top and fleece bottom in “Army” color from American Apparel
-A black helmet with white bands attached around the rim and bisecting the top
-a reversed green bookbag with a turtle shell pattern painted on
-crab mallets with the tops painted black
-black boots

I wish I could think of something. For the past five years, I’ve worn a vinyl mini-dress with fishnets and platfrom stillettos to which I’ll add either devil horns or kitty ears and be slutty devil girl or slutty kitty girl. But I’m tired of being one of the zillions of generic slutty gals out there; I want something new.

I was dying to dress up my children as Audrey I and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, and they were all for it, too…unfortunately, I decided that I couldn’t, in good conscience, dress up my teen daughter as a battered woman (especially given our family history).

Inspiration declined to strike twice, so I’m letting them handle things themselves. The boy wants to dress all in camoflage and be “a military guy”, and the girl is wearing a long black dress and doing ghoulish face make-up. Not one of our more glorious costume years.

The girl wants to meet with a group of her friends and go trick-or-treating without adults, which we haven’t done before, so I’m toying with the idea of putting on a costume and following them at a distance. I like the idea of being “Generic Costumed Person”. The outfit consists of a long furry brown bathrobe and a paper bag with eye-holes cut in it. :slight_smile:

Luckdragon. I doubt anyone will guess it. I’ve been working on the mask for months, and the dress is finished. It’s a big white and silver dragon mask with red eyes and a silver-white mane, and a long silver-white cheongsam with a tail. I think I look cool. :smiley:

I’m a little obsessive about Hallowe’een I’m wearing it to a costume party at a club tomorrow.

Hulk is going to be Max from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and I’m going to be Pippi Longstocking. I even dyed my hair red last night with Henna. Hulk loves red hair, but it’ll only last a week.

Oh, I forgot- the club has thousands of blacklights, so I’m going to glow really impressively. That’s part of the idea. All-white at a goth club. Fun.

At work on Tuesday, I’m going to be a construction worker. Leather tool belt with various tools hanging from it, hard hat either worn or at my station, toy chainsaw next to me, plaid shirt, scuffed boots and khaki jeans.
At a party this Saturday, I’m going to be a sexy vampire. Fangs, short skirt, fishnets, tight v-neck top, high heels and maybe a cape. Or a boa. Or a victim. We’ll see.

I’m going as Little Red Riding Hood, risen from the dead. Corpse makeup, bite on the neck, and a basket full of finger cookies.

Going to post pictures?

I’m gonna be Westley, my roommate will be Inigo Montoya, and our big, hairy friend is gonna be Fezzik. We’ll also have someone in a Bears jersey being Fred Savage. No six-fingered man, Vizzini, Buttercup or Humperdink though.

I’ll be wearing a suit, with devil’s ears and a pitchfork, with my face made-up all red. I’m currently drafting sheets of paper to hand out that will be contracts for the person’s eternal soul.

I’m gonna be the Devil’s Advocate.

Uh…I have some news for you which you may or may not like (Hulk will be very happy, however.) Henna doesn’t wash out. Like, ever. I last hennaed my hair almost a year ago, and it’s still a happy flaming red. It’s mousy brownish/blonde to my ears where it’s grown out, and red below that.

The good thing is that no one notices the outgrowth until they look for it. Because henna doesn’t lighten or darken tone, it only adds red, there’s not a huge blinding line of demarcation like with a chemical dyejob.