What are you going to be for Halloween?

After seeing someone whip someone else with a red Twizzler, I vowed to be the Candy Dominatrix this Halloween. Well, maybe. If I end up going to a Halloween party. Otherwise, I’m not going to bother.

What are you going to be? Or, if you’ve already been, what were you? Photos strongly encouraged! :smiley:

Playing warcraft.

Woodland Fairy. I just have to get a ride home from a friend’s Halloween party!

(Hopefully I’ll have pictures in a week or two!)

Just had my annual Halloween party this last Saturday and I will say my outfit was a hit. Very simple one too.

I took a belt and attached a bunch of old watches I had, then I also downloaded some clock images and mounted those onto cardboard and hung those from the belt as well. Wear normal clothing and this belt and I am…

A waste of time :slight_smile:

No offense, Hakuna Matata, but joke/pun costumes make me want to punch babies. ALL babies.

Me, I picked up a Russian Special Forces uniform online for under $50, including the SPETZNAZ patches, Russian flag patches, etc. I need to find a cheap toy AK-47 and then just look slavic and I’m all set.

I was originally planning on being The Doctor, but I don’t actually have anywhere to go…

I’m probably going to be pretty lazy and just make a big “nudist on strike” sign to wear.

Here’s a picture I found on Google

A Green Lantern. I already have a Green Lantern t-shirt I got for $8 at Walmart and then just some black jeans and black shoes and I ring I have with a fake green emerald on it.

I think I’m gonna be Sarah Palin. I have brown hair, bangs, and I wear glasses sometimes…so I superficially look like her, at least, enough for a Halloween costume. I’m trying to get the hang of her accent…you betcha. I don’t feel like wearing a suit, though…I might wear a T-shirt that says “I can see Russia from my house” or something…I dunno.

My sweet boy is gonna be a pea in a pod and my husband is going as a guy who doesn’t know how he got a backwards B on his face. He keeps changing his story so I just don’t know what to believe.

I LIKE joke/pun costumes, Hakuna Matata.

Dunno, I wasn’t planning on doing anything Halloween. But now I might put something together cuz there’s a good punk/metal rock show going on that night, and if I’m going out I suppose I should dress up.

I usually wear a pumpkin lady outfit. But if the weather here doesn’t cool down sufficiently, I will skip that.

I support that - I dislike infants.

I’m going to wear surgical scrubs and carry a flask in my shirt pocket.

I’ll be malpractice!

I was planning on almost the exact same costume. I might put some white hair spray coloring on my temples so it’s clear I’m Hal Jordan.

I’m going to be Abby from the “NCIS” television show:


They already call me that at work and at home. I’m tall and skinny and have black hair. Until pretty recently I dressed like Abby anyway, so I already have all of the right clothing, including a lab coat.

The only difference will be that I’m going to fill my Big Gulp (can’t find any drink called a “Cat’s Paw”, Abby’s fave soda drink) with hot coffee. Carrying around a huge cup full of cold soda in this weather would freeze me to death!

Hopefully my buddy Maria will have her digital camera ready this Friday, so I can post photos from the Halloween party. I hope people know who I am. Usually I do costumes that are immediately recognizable, like Marie Antoinette or Raggedy Ann or something.

A droog.

I’ve got my white shirt, my white jeans, my white suspenders, my white codpiece, my bowler & cane and my bottle of Kahlua. White Russians all night long.

You probably wouldn’t have liked my alternate costume (I didn’t wear it because too many kids at the party that I would have to explain it to). It was dress up like a pimp, put a small garden hose looped over your shoulder and then place loose panty hose all over yourself. You are of course—a pimp and his hose

I will be here all week making **Zeriel **punch babies :cool:


A saloon girl. I need to finish putting the costume together, though, but I think it will look pretty cool. I’m going to a “Once upon a time out West” theme party. I am very much looking forward to it!