Anybody else excited about Guitar Hero 2?

I can’t wait for this game to come out! The other day while picking up a copy of WoW for the spouse, I mentioned to the guy at the video game store that I was looking forward to GH 2 and he pointed to the other side of the store. “We’ve got a demo set up if you want to play it.”

I hurried over there, hardly daring to hope that YYZ by Rush (which I knew was in the setlist for the game) was one of the 8 demo songs. It was! I spent the next 5 minutes or so scoring quite respectable numbers on a song I’d never played before, at Medium difficulty–and I was hooked! They did a fantastic job of duplicating the song–whaling away on that plastic guitar, I felt like Alex Lifeson’s far less talented American younger sister. :slight_smile:

November 7. I’ve already got my preorder in and I’m counting the days!

Anybody else looking forward to this one?

I have one word:


Waves lighter I’m tempted to try this just for that song. Prolly the only way I’d ever be able to “paly” it…

I’m pretty excited. Some of the song choices are baffling (STP’s “Tripping on a hole in a paper heart” instead of, well, any other song by them), but DUDE, “STRUTTER” BY KISS, 'NUFF SAID.

A buddy of mine and I already have the whole thing worked out. He purchases the game, I procure the booze, and we spend the entire week end Rocking Out[sup]tm[/sup]!

I have another word:


What I want to know, having seen that video on YouTube (as well as “Killing in the Name Of”), is how easy will it be for a hack/homebrew community to develop, and how easy will it be to get THEIR efforts onto MY PS2?

I’m waiting until Christmas, but definitely getting it. And then it’ll be two guitar rock-out kickassness.

The “hack” just adjusts the setlist to include the other songs in the game. The demo includes almost if not all the songs that will be in the game, but only allows you to play 10 of them.

The only hack you might see of the final game is unlocking “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)” which RedOctane has denied will be in the game but which is done and playable in the demo.

D’oh. I missed that those songs were already in the game, just not on the demo. Well, never mind, then.

As a recent convert to Guitar Hero I’m looking forward to it, but I can wait since I’m probably going to be busy with other games for the foreseeable future. It’s going to be a good couple of months for gamers…