Anybody else having a somewhat crappy Valentine's day?

I always told myself that just because I was single on Valentine’s day it didn’t make that day any worse than any other day. I had the mentality of it being a day whose significance was purely optional. A week and a half ago, I went on a date with someone, and enjoyed their company. I suggested we get together again, and she agreed. She said she was available Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon. I figured that was perfect, since I could have the date before I had work, and just mark myself unavailable to substitute teach on that particular Tuesday.

So last Monday I get in touch with her to confirm our date on Tuesday. She mentions at the time ‘not this Tuesday, NEXT Tuesday’. I am a bit miffed since I didn’t hear that mentioned before, but go along with it. Next Tuesday it is. Last weekend it occurs to me that this Tuesday is Valentine’s day. But I kind of figured she must have known that, why do the ‘no, next tuesday’ thing? Yesterday evening I got a call from the district saying they had an assignment for me on Tuesday. I turned it down, thinking I would be busy at the time. Then I talked to her again after I got home and asked if we were still down for Tuesday. She said no, because it was Valentine’s day and she was too weirded out by going on a date on Valentine’s day. I said well we could go out another day, but she just changed the subject. I have a feeling I might not be seeing her again.

I wasn’t. I could care less what day it fell on. I had mistakenly assumed that her lack of saying anything otherwise up until that point meant she didn’t have a problem. I couldn’t get another subbing assignment afterward, so I took the day off for nothing. :smack:

My day started out crappy when I showed up at work only to notice that my boyfriend (who has the day off today) had left his keys in the center console of my car last night. I couldn’t go back home and give them to him because I would’ve been late (and already have an irked boss since I had to skip Friday because my other job needed me all day). I leave a message on the house phone and his cell phone telling him he’s just going to have to put off golf until noon, when I come home for lunch.

This was not good enough. I get a series of irate phone calls about how this is totally messing up his day!!! and that I had to leave work and come home right this instant to bring him his keys. This was about 10:30, an hour and a half before I would’ve been home. On his day off. When all he had to do was go golfing. And did I mention we live within walking distance from my work?

When I refused to cater to his demands, he left me a message saying he was on his way (on his bike, so it would’ve taken him, oh, 10 minutes, tops?) and if I wasn’t out there to meet him Valentines day “would be cancelled!” And did I mention he was the one who left his keys in my car, not me? And that I told him repeatedly I was working on a big project at the time, my boss was coming in and out of my office every 5 minutes and I absolutely couldn’t leave?

When I met him in the parking lot I threw his keys at him, told him if I was acting the way he was acting at the moment, he’d be going apeshit, told him I was fine with valentines day being “cancelled” and walked off in a huff.

Needless to say, he left a very apologetic voicemail on my cell phone (and this boy does not apologize) about a half hour later. He must’ve told the story to someone and was shocked, shocked when they told him what a selfish jerk he was being.

It appears as if Valentines day may have been saved.

I am drowning my Valentine sorrows in… work.

Perhaps you should have countered that you’d prefer to consider it “S&aBJ Day”, and let her chew on that. (The concept, I mean, or should that appeal to her, the steak, not the…er…never mind.)

Heck, I forgot it was Valentine’s Day :smack: and was wondering why giant strawberries were on sale for $1.99/lb, so I bought a couple containers and a pot of bittersweet chocolate at the market this morning for my co-workers. What a romantic. I figure I’ll work late, go home, finish off the malbec from last night while watching Brazil, from which I will derive the following moral:
“True love is a prefrontal lobotomy.”
(Feel free to use that with your date, Happy Valentiners. Let me know how it all pans out for you.)

And just for the record, [post=5770518]Valentine’s Day sucks[/post].



The girl I have feelings for just spent her third night in a row at her new boyfriend’s house last night. Seems they got together when she “accidentally” went to his house Saturday night and got snowed in there for the next 48 hours.

Oh, and I officially first learned about their new relationship last night, when she cheerfully told me, only 8 minutes into Valentine’s Day.

Yeah. :frowning:

I couldn’t find an E. Gorey OR Far Side Valentine’s Card for my boywhatever. I had to settle for some swill crap-humour card from Rite Aid.

Aside from that it seems to be going okay. I mean, I’d like to dance around like Madonna in “Material Girl” but one boy is enough for now.

Stranger, how old are you? Have you considered hanging around CalTech? They’re quite sex-starved AND smart over there, you know. Although, it is a bit of a sausage factory.

pretty boring for me here.


My fiance is a thousand miles from me–no different than any other day, sniff. It’s not any lonelier than any other day.

In other news, I “got” to interrupt my nap so I could yell at some twit who kept dribbling a basketball inside. He’s done this several times over the last few months, and probably won’t stop. :mad:

I don’t understand the aversion to going out on a date on Valentine’s Day, myself. It’s just another day - and if it’s convenient, why not? I mean, it’s not like either of you is going to be crazy enough to show up with a big bouqet of roses or anything.
Maybe you’re better off without someone who is flaky enough to schedule a date for V-Day and then back out.

I guess my V-Day was…mediocre. I’m single and in the last few weeks have resigned myself to the realization that nothing is going to happen with a particular guy I’ve been smitten with for months (haven’t heard from him in the past week, so I guess that says it all). So, that was a bit of a bummer…but this is not quite the worst V-Day ever, so I’m grateful for that much at least. :slight_smile:

I spent almost two hours with the tax man getting stuff organised fror my taxes. Does that count as crappy?

And yesterday I was transfering super-8 film onto the computer and the lamp blew out as I started the last reel. So I brought in my other projector today, and its lamp failed! The customer had regular-8 as well, so I brought in the proper projector. No take-up reel. So I tried to put the super-8 reel on (using tape as an impromptu adaptor) and it was too big to clear the projector case.

Oh, and while I was at the tax man’s office, I discovered I was delinquent paying the property tax on the house in San Diego. So I called the assessor, and they wouldn’t take a credit card over the phone. (I was able to do it online though.)

So… Not a spectacular VD for me.

I’m afraid I’m both the wrong gender and a bit to advanced in age to have much success there, though I have noted whilst running through campus that they’ve increased their female contingent ratio since I did my college prospecting trip waybackintheday. Some are quite attractive but given that most were yet to be born when I achived escape velocity from high school it’s probably not the best venue.

Nah, I think it’s a snifter of Black Bush and a movie for me. Maybe I’ll get around to getting a cat one of these days.


I’m at work and forgot it was Valentine’s Day, whoops. Now it makes sense why I found a card addressed to me on my desk when I woke up this morning. I thought, “aww, how sweet”, but didn’t realize it was today. For some reason, I thought it was Friday. Good thing we celebrated last weekend, or I’d have to try to find a last minute gift. On Valentine’s day. After I get off work, around 11PM.

I’m going to the gym…in hopes for a better one next year

Well, the most exciting thing going on for me today is having a heated debate with Shodan about how evil Ann Coulter is. And I went to the doctor and had my elbow x-rayed. And tonight I’m going to go play Magic: The Gathering.

Awwww yeah my life roolz.

My day was crappy although it had nothing to do with my personal relationships. I’m unemployed, we will begin missing mortgage payments if I don’t get a job in the next four weeks, and NO ONE WILL HIRE ME :mad: :frowning: :mad: Spent another futile day of pounding the pavement, churning out another dozen resumes and being told “we’ll call you”.

As far as romance goes, I got my wife a card just to let her know I hadn’t forgotten about Valentine’s Day. She understood because we can’t spend a lot of money, and she did like the card I picked.

Is it a coincidence that Valentine’s Day and Venereal Disease both have the same initials?

Oh no baby!

Considering the fact I don’t have a GF; That means I don’t have to buy shit for my non-existant GF.




:smiley: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!boohoohoohoo. sniff I need a hug…

No problems romantically, but I didn’t get enough sleep last night (or, for that matter, the night before), and I’m not feeling very well.

I had an 8:00 class.

I had some horrible dream while I was napping after my morning class, and woke up incredibly anxious, but I don’t remember about what.

Spanish class seemed even longer than normal. By the way, it’s really not fair of my professor to always call on me. It’s totally not my fault that she didn’t bother memorizing anyone’s name but mine.

I’m doing wardrobe for a theatre show, and there’s a three-minute song with a ridiculous amount of costume and prop changes in it. The actors didn’t do what they’re supposed to do, and got too fidgety, and thus, we couldn’t get their costumes on in time. And who got yelled at? The actors? Of course not. It was the wardrobe crew. Also, the little clip on bowties? They never stay on. And I’m tired of being yelled at!

Oh, yeah, and I’ve figured out that I have an exam Thursday, an exam next Wednesday, one next Thursday, and one next Friday. I shall now kiss free time goodbye, I suppose.

At least my mother sent me chocolate and candy conversation hearts (in Spanish!)

I realized someone I trusted 100%, stole $67,000 from me, from various accounts… that this person was able to do that by having access to crucial personal information… AND that, I can’t bring myself to press charges because I’m a complete FUCK’N IDIOT!!! UN-FUCK’N-BELIEVABLE!!

Can people auction their organs on e-bay??? If so, there’ll be a kidney and liver up for grabs tomorrow! And they won’t be mine!!!