Why Valentine's Day suck donkey c*ck.

Fucking Valentines day is rolling ever closer, and the newspaper where I work is pulling dollars out of advertisers like a 10 cent-a-blow whore.

the whole thing is a marketing ploy, created by retailers to suck the cash from the public’s wallets.

Who needs fucking roses, and chocolate, and get-away weekends for two complete with hot-tub…

I do!
OK, I am jealous, I admit it! I wont get any stupid fucking flowers, and dammit! That rots my socks!

Unite fellow singles! Lets all slam the hell out of Valentines day to show we dont care!!

Sorry, kellibelli. I can’t do that and you should check your inbox. It’s not nearly enough for you, but it is the best I can do from here.


Ew! You admit that you’re jealous of people with SO’s and you want single folk to join you in slamming V-Day?

No way, kell. The minute you get some trite mass-media-approved token of affection from anyone, you will abandon the fight. Hell, you’ll probably change your tune once one of your MPSIMS boy-toys comes along and propositions ya.

This Crusade needs a bitter, sarcastic and vocal leader. Someone who has dated the insane, the delusional, and the hominids that Darwin forgot. Someone who has no tolerance for sappiness. Someone who realizes that true strength lies not in dependence on another for superficial emotional support, but in self-reliance and independence.

I let you know when I find someone.

I used to rock and roll all night and party every day. Then it was every other day. Now I’m lucky if I can find a half an hour a week in which to get funky.

Since my birthday happens to occur on this sacredest of sacred days, I choose to ignore the negativity surrounding this splendiferous event, and instead focus on the glory and excitement that is my 25th birthday fast approaching from the horizon on the left.

I will shortly be setting up a PO Box for all gifts, bequests, and cards. Money is appropriate and needed.

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“Valentine’s Day”? Oh, you mean Black Monday.

Please, let me be the one to lead the anti-valentines day faction.

For the record, I am in an insanely happy marriage of 13 years, and don’t have an especially bitter dating history before that, however, I very much resent the attempted manipulation by the purveyors of this made up holiday.

I cringe at the “if you really love her, you’ll buy her a diamond” or “if you really love each other, you’ll book this ‘romantic’ getaway” or “if you are really romantic, you’ll buy an outrageously overpriced bouquet of soon to be compost” commercials that proliferate this time of year. Even over-seas we couldn’t escape them!

Who is the mass media to tell me that if my hubby and I spend February 14th sitting around in our sweats that we are less in love or less romantic than the sheep that buy into all the hype?

My husband and I love, support, and treat each other fabulously all year long, and do not need the media to assign us a "mandatory love" day.

I once gave my sweetie a chocolate heart for Valentine’s Day. It was made from a mold used to cast plastic hearts for medical education purposes - it had atria, ventricles, aorta and vena cava coming off, etc.

I thought it was great, but she didn’t like it. Some people have no romance.

Thanks Unc! You too APB, you little sweeties!

Well, I for one think Alphagene is just the cynic we need to lead the crusade!
Anyone second that? Sorry Lucretia, but you arent anywhere near the level of cycinisism that alpha has obtained.

Sorry - I’m all for St. Valentine’s Day. There have been times when I didn’t get anything on that day, but I have an SO now, and if if weren’t for St.Val Day, I’d probably never get flowers and candy. :rolleyes: So it’s commercialized - so what - isn’t everything? You gonna stop celebrating Christmas because it’s so commercialized? You give what you want to give - what your heart tells you to give - emotion, flowers, candy, diamonds, whatever. My relationshhip is pretty good most of the time – we are romantic throughout the year, but I still love getting those flowers, or getting taken out to dinner on St. Valentine’s Day - it’s like “oh, a special day just for us.” And let’s not forget that it’s also an opportunity to express caring and give a small gift to someone who isn’t your SO but you hope will be! Hey Kell - you got your eye on someone? Send him a Valentine! Let’s not do away with anything that helps the men remember that we women love romance in our lives!

Kel, I used to be able to mark the days I received flowers like clockwork. Valentines day, cuz if he sent chocolate that would be fattening, and our Anniversary, cuz, well cuz he didnt have an original thought.

I have fun now helping my son with his, and we have this pizza place here that has heart shaped pizzas on that day so we always have a date! Hey, you cant get much better than having an 8 year hold your hand, he wont screw you in the ear if you don’t say the right thing :wink:

p.s. Kel… ill send ya one… don’t make mine too mushy tho, I’m prone to tears.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

I’m not too fond of it either. The GOOD candy comes out at easter- Cream Eggs and Peeps! If my stupid boyfriend sends me another huge bouquet this year (the one last year didn’t fit in my car!), I’m gonna kill him. I’ve been supporting him for the last couple of months. Weasel.

“I’d think God would want to LIMIT my powers.”

I took Valentines Day off just so I can spend time with my special someone.

BZZT! Next.

Very nice. An actual heart would be even better next time. I’ll put you on callback.

Ugh, a Sympathizer. And a sexist pig to boot. Next!

Oh that won’t do at all… Do they even have Valentine’s Day in Canada? Do 30% of the flowers you send have to be grown in Canada?

Hmm, I like your attitude. We’ll work on you.

Someone get my stun-gun back from the bouncer.

I used to rock and roll all night and party every day. Then it was every other day. Now I’m lucky if I can find a half an hour a week in which to get funky.

Your just jealous, so put your stun gun away.

I bow to the superior cynic… tho I did also like the anatomically correct chocolate heart. Now that’s something I could appreciate getting.

Ya mean ta say that this isn’t a National Holiday to honor all them poor folks what was machine-gunned back in the 30’s?

Jaysus, I’ve got some apologizin’ to do . . .

Dr. Watson
“To be loved is to be fortunate, but to be hated is to achieve distinction.”
– Minna Antrim, "Naked Truth and Veiled Allusions,’ 1902

When I was in elementary school we had to make Valentine cards for someone. I got out a dictionary or encyclopedia (I don’t remember which) and drew an anatmocally correct heart for my mom. With an arrow through it, naturally!

Personally I have no use for Black Monday (or whatever day it happens to fall on in other years). But I keep hoping…


Loveitloveitloveit! I love roses and chocolates and romantic get-a-ways and those lacy little white teddies with the red hearts and valentine cards and moonlight hot tubs and candlelight dinners and making love on the rug next to the fireplace and candy hearts and bottles of wine and . . . .

MULL - Valentine’s Day is my birthday too! (Yes, I too will be accepting all gift, cards, and cash. A reminder will be sent out a week prior to the BIG DAY.)

No other days was appropriate for someone as sweet as myself.

Fluff yer hair Beula, I’s feelin frisky - M.S.

Valentine’s Day just teeters on viability for me. But the one that really gets my bile flowing is … I can hardly even type it …

Sweetest Day

Talk about an event manufactured by florists and card-makers upset that their only big payday in the year is Feb. 14…

“In much wisdom is much grief; and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” - Ecclesiastes 1:18

Not to mention the “religious” connotation of Saint Valentine!shhh.dont tell David B!
You know,everyone flocks to church on Valentines Day! :wink: