Anybody Else Not Getting Update E-mails?

For the past two weeks or so, I haven’t been getting e-mails alerting me that a subscribed thread has been posted to. My e-mail address has not changed. I’m sure that I subscribed and sure that I clicked for instant e-mail notification. Is it just me?

Just last week I got a notification of an issued warning from ages before. Have no idea what that’s about, but whatever.

In the hierarchy of tasks, email takes a back seat to read and write access of postings.

If the system is stressed it will sometimes drop emails, though we hadn’t had this problem in a while.

elbows, did you get your notice after the server work from last week? That might have cleared out the mail queue and shook out some old email that didn’t get sent when it was more appropriate. Otherwise I dunno. Sorry it didn’t get to you in a more timely fashion.