Anybody else out there that never watched Friends?

There were so many things about that show that just repulsed me. I think the opening theme song (pseudo Monkees/Neil Diamond) music killed it for me right off the bat. I was never able to watch for more than 5 minutes anyways.

Then there were the sickening promo-commercials…“will Ross and whats-her-face finally have 69 action in front of her bosses parents and will whats-his-name and Joey gang-stang Courtney Aniston?” …stay tuned!!!

Yes – I never could stand to watch more than a minutes of it.

Oddly enough, I do like most of the cast individually. There is some talent, even though the show was so terrible.

[Raises hand.] I can’t say “never”, because I remember seeing it a couple of times when my daughter-in-law visited, over the holidays. Was it on after football, on Thanksgiving? That’s what I remember.

But if I’d seen that promo, I might have made a point to watch. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen it.

Me neither.

It sucks, I’ve seen it once or twice in brief glimpses, and have never deliberately watched it in my life. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

I’ve never watched an entire episode. I do remember seeing bits and pieces of at least 2 or 3 episodes, though I have no idea where or why.

I thought it was just awful, but I think most sitcoms are.

<raises hand>

I’ve caught a few minutes here and there entirely by accident, and couldn’t flip the channel fast enough. I did watch the last 15 minutes or so of the very last episode, to verify it really was going away.

Never watched it. Just didn’t interest me and I don’t watch much TV anyway. My antenna’s been down for 2 months and I never seem to get around to putting it back up.

Me. Just never round to watching it.

I also missed Seinfeld.

Never seen it. I’m not a big fan of sitcoms or network TV in general.

I think I’ve seen a few seconds of a couple episodes, and I think I listened to an episode or two because I was working on the computer and forgot to change the channel after seinfeld, but no, I’ve never watched much.

I cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot watch anything with a laugh track. I hate laugh tracks. I don’t need to be told when to laugh. If you need to give me a signal to laugh, it means your jokes aren’t funny.

Is that the one with the big coffee cups?

Never seen it.

Same here.

I’ll second that sentiment.

Network TV (well OK - TV in general) is a vast wasteland that I have thankfully learned to live without. My problem was the fact that I used to sit in front of the TV and watch shows without thinking until I realized that I could spend that time doing something useful - like lurking on the Straight Dope!!!

I never watched it.

It started while I was in college, and had no cable and lousy reception on the non-cable channels. Never watched it afterwards, either.

I should also mention: the two times I watched Survivor, once I was motivated to go and do my taxes instead of watching, the other time I was motivated to do a take-home exam I’d been putting off. It might have been good for me to watch it regularly, come to think of it…

I miss Max Headroom.

What? Oh, that Friends show…nah, I can’t really get into sitcoms since I Dream of Jeannie (and that only because of the delictable Barbara Eden). Not fond of game shows, too, and I can give reality TV a complete miss. I tried The Sopranos, Dead Like Me, and Sex In The City once each while visiting one place or another, but found them more effective than Nytol. News magazines just irritate me, and there hasn’t been a cool cop or PI on television since Jim Rockford. Law & Order used to be pretty good until the “franchised” it out, but now that Orbach is definitely gone, I can’t find it in myself to really care one way or the other. Never mind all the Star Trek shows and knock-offs; the Sci-Fi channel has sucked whatever little remaining enthusiasm I might have retained for that genre in the broadcast venue, and The X-Files was pure pseudoscientific schlock. And morning “news” shows–to the plank with all of them, starting with that abominable Katie Couric, the colonoscopy-promoting wench.

I miss Max Headroom.


Agreed. L&O was good when I came across it, but I drifted away after Orbach died. He made that show.

I’ve never watched a whole episode. On one or two occasions I’ve watched for a few minutes but those episodes must have been busted because there wasn’t any funny in them. I never saw enough to figure out who any of the characters were or what the premise of the show was.