Does anybody still watch Friend?

I see their faces on the TV listings again and I realize I haven’t watched in a year or two. That show jumped the shark for me at the first talk of pregancy, although they’d kind of run through all the combinations of musical beds long before.

So I’m sure I won’t watch the last show. I’d have now idea what story lines were.

What do you mean “still”? That implies I once watched it.

If I watch for more than about five minutes, but my gag reflex take over and I change the channel.

Never missed an episode, going to have a box of tissues handy for the series finale on Thursday.


Oneof my fave shows of all time. I grew up with them, I remember the promos with all of them in lingerie in the summer of 2004 when I was 14 and I’ve been watching ever since. The repeats feel like comfort food that still make me laugh. I get teased for loving it so much cause it’s so overexposed but i don’t give a shit about that crap. I don’t care who is married to Brad Pitt or who has a new baby or who has a new movie out. I watch it cause it makes me laugh.

Me, too. ::sniff::

And at the same time, I’m laughing, 'cuz I know Ivylass and I always have our butts planted on the couch at the same time.

I watched the pilot show and have kept a very close watch ever since. In fact, it is the only show that I know what day and time it comes on. I will admit to cheating on it when Survivor: Rupert was on.

I don’t think it’s quite as funny as it used to be but those guys really are my TV freinds and I will miss them when they are gone.


I stopped watching several years ago – around the time Chandler and Monica hooked up.

My life will be the same after Thursday night.

I watched it a lot when it first started, I found it to be one the better-written sitcoms I’ve seen. Made me laugh more than I expected.

I stopped watching for a while, but started again recently. I still think it’s a lot funnier than most other sitcoms I’ve seen.

Hehe…they did these spoofy promos pretending to be sexy, all posed in lingerie and boxers and then monica tells them all to cut it out or something. It intrigued me enough to check it out when it premiered.

I list it under “inoffensive sitcom I’ll watch if there’s nothing else on and I don’t have a good book to read.” I don’t hate it—the writing can occasionally be funny—but I wouldn’t go out of my way to tape it.

I am dreading Thursday night. I will miss the show a lot. That said, I think it’s time. This season had the potential to be the best season yet, but it lacked in almost every aspect.

Friends is my second favorite sitcom of all time ( A close second to Three’s Company)

I have all 7 season’s on DVD, and I buy the next season whenever it comes out.

My name is Lady Venom, and I am a Friends-a-holic :smiley:

Haven’t watched in years and won’t watch the finale either. Once it started to become a soap opera instead of a sitcom I lost interest (1999/2000?). Its sad, it was a funny sitcom when it came out then it seemed to fall off the cliff and become a teenie bopper gossip show.

“Hey can you believe Chandler kissed Monica!! OMG! I can’t wait to see what happpens next week.”

I will give the early years credit though. They made me laugh.

“I’m going to Yeman” still cracks me up.

I hated it when it first came out…but I was living out of town at that time so I had two channels. So it was that or go out and look at cows. I stopped watching altogether though after the contrived break up of Ross and Rachael. I’d like just once some sitcom people acting like adults in establishing and maintaining relationships.

I’ve started watching again recently. I caught the masterbating to sharks ep and thought it was funny (ok I have bad taste sometimes) and was interested in the Monica/Chandler thing so I’ve been catching the reruns. Holy Og. I thought I was disgusted with the original R&R break up but I would have been totally annoyed with all the gimmicks and the nonsense thrown in. But now I can watch and just read Straight Dope whenever Ross opens his whiney mouth or a stupid situation comes up and watch the parts I like. It works out well.

I used to be a pretty dedicated viewer, and when Survivor came around I began to lose interest in Friends. I think the writing’s gone a bit downhill in the last few years and the characters have devolved into caricatures, but I do feel that when everything comes together on the show it’s one of the funnier sitcoms around. But lately, it hasn’t been making me laugh at all. I admit, though, I’m much more of a drama fan than anything else. I’ve watched maybe three episodes of Friends season, and I plan on watching on Thursday (without tissues).

I watched the first few seasons and then my interest faded. It doesn’t help that I can’t stand Ross and just want to smack him. Hard. Having said that, I watched last week’s episode (personally, I’d be glad to be rid of Ross, but I’m not very objective… :D) and plan to watch the finale. Not sure why, but what the hell.

I haven’t watched it in several years. Basically when it started being shown 24/7 on various channels. Why watch now when I’m just going to be subjected to non-ending repeats for the rest of my life? There’s only so much Ross I can take anyway.

I’ve watched it mostly through the reruns.

I do enjoy it, but I was surprised it was still on the air.

I haven’t watched ER in over 6 years and was very surprised it was still played.

I’ve watched for maybe 5 years. It’s getting to be pretty stale, the whole Ross and Rachel thing has gone on for way too long. Rachel and Joey? Eeeewwww- just didn’t feel right. Don’t know why, but Phoebe and Chandler seem to have aged as much as the other 4 put together. Still, the writing was at times brilliant and is one of the big reasons I watch. The others belong to Jennifer Aniston.

Well, with advertising going for $2M per, I’d say SOMEONE is watching it.

I don’t watch regularly (although I do watch the re-runs between Will & Grace and Seinfeld). But I’ll probably want to see the last one. Sooner or later.

The show lost my interest about the time Ross said Rachel’s name instead of his bethrothed’s at his wedding. Ross became more and more of a weenie in my eye and Rachel more of a bitch as the show progressed.

I catch an episode now and then, this year very few due to Survivor. Will watch the final episode and taped last week’s. I must say, for someone who can’t concieve a child and is adopting instead, Monica looked pretty pregnant to me last week. And from the commercials saying that Rachel says goodbye to all the friends except one, I figured out who it was going to be and predicted the outcome before I even watched the episode.

I’m glad the show is ending, should have been put out of its misery a couple of seasons ago.