Anybody else read mental_floss?

I got the new issue today and it is excellent. Does anybody else read this magazine?

I’ve seen it in the bookstore and thought about subscribing.

You recommend it then?


I buy every issue when it hits the newsstand; really ought to subscribe.

I’ve read several issues at the public library. It suggests what Reader’s Digest would have been like had it been started by people with a Straight Dope sensibility. The site gives an idea of what to expect if you pick up a copy.

I read it but I think it’s being mis-marketed. It presents itself as a magazine for highly intelligent people but it’s really just a collection of trivia items. It’s interesting and I enjoy it, but I don’t consider it to be particularly intelligent.

It appears to have a lot of lists, though. I like lists.

I subscribe, and I really like it. It’s a lot of fun to read and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s definitely worth the subscription price.


A lot of people seem to think intelligence is just having a large store of trivia. That, and using big words for no apparent reason. (A German accent used to help, but not so much anymore.)

I subscribe. It’s like knowledge junk food.

I don’t read it, but I’ve browsed the website. I usually hit Neatorama almost daily, and they run items from it.

But the magazine isn’t just about mere trivia. It’s more like a shallow treatment of deep subjects. It shoots for that middle ground between the random uselessness of most trivia books and the highfalutin’ snobbery of special-interest magazines, and it usually hits its target.

M_F won’t get you through your PhD dissertation defense. But it will keep you from looking like a jackass at the next pretentious cocktail party.