Anybody else watched/watching "Mad Dog" on Amazon?

Weird series about four friends who go to Belize to visit another friend (Billy Zane) and who end up embroiled in all manner of improbable difficulties. Starring Steve Zahn, Michael Imperioli, Ben Chaplin and Romany Malco. Also a great short stint in one episode for Allison Tolman of the Fargo series.

It seems that they couldn’t figure out whether this should be a comedy or a drama, so went with both. Lots of issues with plot nitpicks and unanswered questions. Strangely addictive, however, and I’m closing in on the finale. Because of what is going on in the plot, it’s unlikely that there will be a second season.

Michael Imperioli will, unfortunately, always be associated with “The Sopranos”, and no amount of changing hair styles and roles will likely change that. Zahn does his usual solid job of being the somewhat goofy friend. The acting is pretty solid all around, and it’s a fairly good romp, all in all.

I believe the correct title is Mad Dogs. I liked the first few episodes, but I thought it dragged toward the end.

I didn’t care about Ben Chaplin’s character at all. He was supposed to be inscrutable, but the acting was so wooden that he just seemed barely there.

And yes, I loved Allison Tolman.

You’re right about the title. Probably not worth asking someone to correct it, though. I liked the music selection throughout.

Watched it a couple months ago and mostly liked it. I got a little annoyed at times with the stupid decisions they made.