Anybody ever had this kind of leg pain?

I’m pretty sure it’s nerve related, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like someone is ripping the skin off of the front of my thighs. So painful that I find myself doing lamaze breathing just to get through it. Then my skin gets numb. I had it years ago- thought it was from a crappy mattress, but I just got it again this week and I have a great mattress. Only happens when I lay on my back. Crazy painful.

Anyone? I’d love to know I’m not the only one, although I wouldn’t wish it on another soul!

When I saw the heading I thought I could come up with something as I have had about every pain possible in the legs. And I was rewarded to see the post.

We’re only guessing of course, but this is one possibility. The cover you are using, assuming you are, has thread that is clear nylon to sew a quilted pattern on it. If it’s a big quilt, that’s what they use. Other blankets do as well. This thin nylon thread breaks in places leaving ends the stick out. I don’t think it actually penetrates the skin, but I know from experience that it can cause severe pain over an area much larger than the initial contact point. So look closely and check this theory out.

Well I do have a quilted cotton blanket covering me (with a cotton sheet in between), but I just got this blanket this year. And I think the quilting thread is cotton too. The blanket I had years ago was a poly blanket. Something tells me that the blanket doesn’t have anything to do with it, but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind in case I continue to have difficulty troubleshooting this pain. My calf muscle is a little sore today, so I won’t rule out dehydration- or lack of potassium-related pain either. <puts bananas on the grocery list and gets a drink of water>

Usually this pain would wake me up, but the other night I woke up first, and when I went to move my leg, my thigh muscle flexed and BAM! R-r-r-r-r-r-i-i-pppppp!

Have you been taking high doses of any vitamin supplements? Niacin, in particular, can cause intense leg pain when taken in high doses.

Sounds awful. :frowning:

It sounds a lot like neuropathic pain.

My guess is spinal stenosis, a radiculopathy, or lateral cutaneous femoral nerve entrapment. Would need to do a physical exam to tell which. Get thee hence to a doctor!

Could you have a herniated disk in your back?

I wouldn’t describe it the way you did, since it wasn’t as localized on the front of the thigh, but a herniated disk in my back caused pressure/irritation (possible damage…jury is still out on that) on my sciatic nerve and it used to cause my leg to hurt like hell. I even ended up in the hospital, it was so excruciating. The nerve provides function to your entire leg, so different areas could be affected depending on the location of the disk injury. Anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy and time have caused the pain to go away, and now I’m just dealing with numbness and some weakness. Not fun.

No- I take a children’s daily multivite (don’t ask), and an echinacea blend, and lysine (shingles preventative). I have had shingles, but this is not like that. It really is terrible, excruciating pain. Has only ever happened at night in bed when laying on my back. I try to lay on my side with pillow between legs and hugging pillow, but I always end up on my back. I hate to admit that the only thing that comes to mind as being the same now as when it happened before is the 40 extra lbs I’m carrying around (lost weight in between and then…) <grumbles>