Anybody ever see Last Exit To Brooklyn (1989)?

Just watched it last night. Grim character study of some residents of a depressed Brooklyn nieghborhood circa 1952. Big local factory in month six of a strike, local hoodlums, crooked union steward discovering his gayness, union bosses, gal from the hood being drawn into alchoholism and prostitution. Good movie but depressing.

Spotted Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo) from **The Sopranos ** and also Goodfellas as the priest baptizing Rickie Lakes baby and Mark Boone Junior from **Sons Of Anarchy **as the bartender in the dive where Jennifer Jason Lee goes to pick up sailors.

I thought the filmmakers would be born and bred Brooklynites but watching the extra features on the DVD, they’re Germans that don’t speak English.

Anyone else seen it and have opinions?

I not only saw it, it was filmed directly behind the house I lived in in Red Hook. I had a fun time hanging out around the set and watching the filming, though I wasn’t too happy about being kept awake all night while they filmed the car chases.

I’m pretty sure I saw it when it came out on video, probably 20 years ago, but it was so long ago I don’t really remember much about it. Maybe I should go back and watch it again.

Forgot the link:
Last Exit To Brooklyn

Never saw it. Always keeping an eye out for it.

I saw it on video back in like 1991 or 1992. I remember thinking it was a decent enough film, but not something I’d ever really need to see again (and I haven’t). I remember it was notable at the time because Ricki Lake was really trying hard to climb up from “C” status. The rest of the cast was all over the place, too; lots of sort-of stars.

Saw it – not in the theater though, must have been video. Don’t remember much about the movie, but liked the soundtrack enough to buy the CD.

Saw it on video some years back. Thought it was a great movie, although pretty tough to watch in places.

I should probably have added above that, after hanging out on the set and all, I was really looking forward to watching it, but what a disappointment it turned out to be! Not a single optimistic or redeeming moment in the entire thing! I was really let down.

It was written by Hubert Selby Jr., author of that other life-affirming, feel-good beach read Requiem for a Dream.